Talking about the potential of local websites

1. Why do you choose a local portal,


you can look around the Internet, just use the search engine to search a variety of industry portal is almost saturated, if we started doing personal webmaster industry portal, that unless you have superhuman talent, bring forth the new through the old, can let the waves die on the beach. Now, many local letters and portals are maintained and built by local telecom or government officials. The advantages of these departments are: strong funds, policy support, etc.. However, we can observe, update their information, information authenticity, entertainment is not strong, and more is a number of policies and regulations around the publicity, news and so on. This creates an opportunity for us, that is to say, if we can break through entertainment and interaction (exchange of information), authenticity, watch, and commercial value and so on these bottlenecks, we can still do a cake for me, and eat it.

two, what kind of local gateway do you do?

news? We certainly do not win the newspapers, television and other media, so we can choose some others don’t see us, real estate www.pcfcw.com, such as: "I see more personal job, chat, dating, several secondary market (dating)" column. These columns do not need to say, everyone knows, well done, can make money, do not good, just like a pile of garbage, no value, in fact, everything is like this, the key is to operate. Why do we have to choose the local portal? It is because the reality can be a lot of information on the network! Why should we do this column in the local portal? Because we have to make a feature, authenticity and real-time information that is. These are the long-term pillars of web development.

three, how to do? How to operate,


early, we certainly won’t have so much traffic support, we have to do only two things: first, collect real valuable information. Two, these real valuable information spread out.

my plan is this, the first is newspapers, television and other media;

then said a few more our propaganda methods, we must first have a look at things like movies (not to mention that he copyright may be feasible, may be feasible?) we must have free movies to attract local traffic, let others come after to see and play things;

can be printed as name card like cards (about 15 yuan for 100 or so), to the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to distribute (behind I will say why go to the hair), or shops along the street, where the first budget in 2000, 300 yuan;

Internet cafe desktop wallpaper, but also a good advertising carrier. Do some of your own web site LOGO and web site desktop, go to negotiate with the Internet cafe boss and sign the contract, so that you must use the station’s desktop. You can calculate a 20>

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