Alibaba with the same age every day 18 years three years of electricity supplier cosmetics board

[Abstract] two years, every day to complete the two rounds of financing, the new board listed on the market and carry out cross-border electricity supplier, the three jump strategy can become the fight against the three axes?



Chuanguo made every dayThe

| world network operators reporter Lu Wenbin

every day and Alibaba electricity supplier starting point, are in 1999. At that time, the global Internet is at its peak, China’s Internet Co are brewing in the United States market. Another reality is that a lot of Internet Co lack of revenue and net profit support, this area gradually bubble.

this year, a student at Nankai University and Chuanguo opened B2C mode: daily cosmetics vertical electricity supplier network.

this company style consistent somewhat low-key: the bus station and the subway station of a second tier city, Pumianerlai business advertising, rarely seen every day net figure; more than 400 people in the team, the office is still in Haidian District of a university building.

March 2016, every day a high-profile network finally, announced the "three things": listed on the new board, get star Chen Kun’s investment, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongkong overseas direct mining mode involved in cross-border electricity supplier cosmetics.

college students in the early stage of difficult

every day and take the network founded B2C model, because in 1999 Chuanguo Ju in reading management, understanding to the B2C business Amazon, inspired by the students, and set up a domain name for 7shop24.com shopping site for 7 days 24 hours of uninterrupted service.

supply, capital and marketing channels have become three major problems faced with Chuanguo and team. Public data shows, this group has not entered the society of young people to many cosmetics companies and brands on the Internet, repeatedly and then look ahead of the business concept, it gradually gained some brand agency.

however, after several twists and turns to brand agency, but cosmetics company for the first payment after delivery, under the Chuanguo Ju helpless escorted out of the student card, take the goods. He recalled to the media, brands and every network gradually establish mutual trust, credit lines from the beginning of the yiershiwan slowly turned into a two million.

in the promotion of the way, every day from Beijing, Tianjin and other cities of colleges and universities. When the Internet was still new, they printed cosmetic products into catalogs, sent sales representatives on campus, submitted paper orders, and then set up Web directories and online orders.

with 30 full-time and part-time work of major colleges and universities, in 2000 the scope of service every day, covering the network of Beijing, the 60 colleges and universities and all schools in Tianjin.

is a big wave of the bright younger generation beyond

Ju Chuanguo attempts to open dozens.

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