How do you get a good shop owner

shop for two months, the national mobile fast charge mainly do, perhaps the reason is the popularity of the mobile phone recharge, every customer is quite much, the release of goods on time ah, ah, ah these shop premises join the train I do not wordy, a lot of space to speak. I mainly talk about communicating with customers.

first, good attitude to treat every customer, the mobile store charge bunny, there are some areas not opened, but even if there is no way to recharge my area I will patiently answer the customer, not because there is no purchase here I ignore, who is the guest, good attitude will retain customers, who do not want to buy something in a stomach gas, ha ha, so be patient with the answer to every customer, don’t reply only two or three words or so that customers see their own that a larger piece of description, maybe you one or two words to put their questions to solve so now, the society is to speed and efficiency.

second, as far as possible to ensure regular online, so as not to let the loss of customers, but for workers is another matter, bunny is the standard work, so every day will open automatically reply, do not underestimate this well, the key is to store their settings according to the content of the best reply, can use simple language to customers ask the whole answer clearly, the most important thing is to come back online regardless of whether the customer should be the first time to reply, only enthusiastic attitude will only retain customers, allow customers to you the owner certainly, will be assured in your shopping here, but also in the many shops and remember this one of you. Good reputation is the best publicity, there are a lot of Old House Bunny is introduced to the customer, days and months multiplying to take effect.

third, which is the most important point, just in front of the computer, must use 100% enthusiasm and attitude to each customer, careful reply, this rabbit is a deep feeling, once went to a shop (with charge Q money play their own game, hehe), choose a shop the shopkeeper said half a day did not respond, helpless, to find… Have a shop, and the shop owner said, auto reply, simple words, look for a long time, do not know can not forget to find; shoot, and click on a store, a greeting, the owner answered, is really happy, hurriedly ask can charge Q money? The shopkeeper asked me: did you see the description, clearly written? I asked: you can immediately charge? The answer: you don’t know what is the charge? Honestly I really to charge Q money is a layman, so I do not speak, the shopkeeper said: it seems you don’t understand, don’t understand, don’t shoot I am tired, dizzy, I explain! This gas ah, really cattle, said so a bunch of nonsense I also charge well, you’re not the only this one, I answered, your attitude is good! I did not expect this sentence: the owner should have no shame! I think no one would come in this shop to recharge, actually Looking for gas.

so, with this experience, I also understand the feelings of customers, you know very well, even if it is very simple, but the other party does not necessarily understand

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