Promotion of new ideas Beauty Network Marketing

      author Yun Sheng: 12 years of professional Internet users, engaged in website production and operation of more than three, self styled as its website CEO. Do all aspects of the station, a smattering of knowledge, learning wide and not refined. But after a cold spectators, watching the raging like a storm on the internet. Along the way, I met many webmaster friends who needed help, and met a lot of webmaster friends who helped me. Then I tried to help my friends who need help with grass roots.

      in recent times, the group of webmaster friends are discussing the needs of Internet users now, generally believe that to seize the needs of Internet users, the site will be a success of more than half. For example, Li Xingping grabbed the rookie netizens, there is a need to seize the hooligan hao123; grassroots webmaster, have chinaz. Mu Yun Sheng through research, that Internet users are always concerned about – beauty. But the beauty marketing of the small animal husbandry research might not be suitable for the picture station and movie station suspected of having H nature, because what I want to say is the healthy and proper promotion method.

 :     look at the giant online game. I believe many people think its content is very funny, but why is it so popular? It is said that through the giant customer service certification through the beauty player, you can get thousands of RMB virtual treasure. Women swarmed, because only by verifying the benefits, so the giant inside the existence of a large number of beautiful game player. Since there are so many beauty players, but also afraid of male players do not play it? The giant’s slogan is: play online games, looking for beauty, giant. Attract beauty with interests, and rely on beauty to attract a lot of popularity, Shi Yuzhu is indeed China’s first marketing genius, beauty marketing this trick is really high, it has to be taken.

      look at the hot SNS now, whether it’s Chinese X or foreign FACEBOOK, which may be the most used function, or looking for beauty on it. Look at the beauty of a certain space, the popularity of the absolute than other non beauty is much higher. Most people know new friends in the dating community, are based on the color word at the head, I also is the preferred option for understanding natural beauty. It is not difficult to find, behind a beauty, there is always a large or bright or dark men and women watching her (and male), small animal husbandry know a lot of beauty, their X, XX space, XXBLOG, basically do not need to maintain regular updates on IP, every day there are good a few hundred.

      from the giant and the SNS, what can we learn from the grassroots webmaster? Some examples, such as I know ten beauty, I gave them a BLOG on my website, a beautiful day is BLOG 100IP, the ten is one thousand, while the IP is watching them, but these suanlaisuanqu >

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