The design principles and creative elements of the upcoming online page

when I smoked on Friday, I said, it felt like the end of an era. One colleague said, "it’s only time to start turning a new leaf.". Yes, that’s true.

now has the Radiohead in ear plug cover electric album Wish You Were Here, I do not know this is a kind of calm or numbness, or by the brain to help me blocked some feeling in the heart, let me just a quiet spot in all of this but forget to.

thought of a colleague said: "to do the design I really want secure, do you love these things… Here I hardly know how to continue to write down… I have the honor to you and spend some cherished memories and moments, I will never forget; we worthy of the title" architect ", but they are not.

today in a micro-blog on every day to do linger on the occasion, but I don’t even know what is in the memory of the darn thing. Think of these will not stop, this is my life, or to enter the next this week the text / =


"will be on the line (coming soon)" Internet page is a relatively new concept, a very long time in the past, whenever there is a new product of new business when ready, today what are not, the next day it suddenly appeared on the line.

now, some changes have taken place in the marketing strategy of the Internet and mobile applications, and we usually need to do "warm up" in order to push our products into the market effectively. This is also the origin of the upcoming online page.

you can find a lot of excellent design cases in the network; and (English original author) today I hope to be able to understand and analyze together and further to the "coming soon" page design principles and important creative elements.

exclamation effect

in my opinion, the "upcoming online" page that does not produce an exclamation effect is meaningless. If you don’t fit in any of the "amazing elements" in the design, so don’t put it on the line, because all this thing is to attract potential users before the product is released in the eyes, let them interested, rather than let them look at the actual product already feel it flat and uninteresting the.

of course, the most difficult part here is how to define the concept of "exclamation effect". Frankly speaking, on this point, I have no intention is not given here is accurate and has universal practical argument, can only suggest that according to the actual situation of their products were analyzed to extract the most representative products of the core value of the elements, and their integration into the page design by > can arouse the needs of potential customers with the emotional resonance in the shortest time way

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