The horse was bloody person about lessons on the site

in April this year with a Hubei talent net webmaster exchange Links, someone told me that "your website hang the window? It was not afraid of Baidu K?" I wondered if there was no ah, what time I hung up the pop-up ads is not some time ago did Baidu union. I asked him what his pop-up page to this page pop-up name sent to me then I use DW to check the whole point code didn’t play out. And then I don’t really care.

until today, in May 20th, my friend in Jiangsu reflected the same problem and popped the same page. Is not willing to continue to use DW to find the station code or can not find strange. I thought there was something wrong with their computer, why did they pop it up, but I didn’t have it? Finally, I went to the server and looked at it. It was OK. Finally, I decided to install a safe dog firewall.

cup of things has happened just start from here, after security dog installed one of my strength to restart the server, who know the server restart after, but could not open the machine finally had to contact the room room as it cannot be helped, said Sunday the technical staff work that will have to wait until Monday, Monday morning contact the room room said they there can not boot, only reinstall the system. Oh, my mom, I didn’t backup the data. I can’t help it. Can only reinstall a system, 1 hours later, the server is reloaded. Can not wait to re configure the site, and ultimately the site is restored. But the data stayed 5-7 days ago (because my last backup was in May 7th), that is, 5-8, -5, 20, 12 days, all my efforts were in vain. (this is the end of the lazy webmaster, we often back up.)

site recovery, there is one thing to do that is clear and the horse, took 4 hours to find a lot of website source files. It was a big head then. Finally to the next, in the PHP HTM file, the horse that possibility is very small, the master should be cheated in the JS file. Then start looking at the JS files one by one. Eventually found such a piece of code in ad/ad.js. When I read the code, I was shocked at the time, and I was too busy with the code. I don’t know. Is it me, or is this code too advanced?.

, here is the code for you to see:


See the above

? Http://ad+.nu+99+.co+m combined http://s.ad nu99 com is equal to is not to blame worthy of my DW check out the website that why I am here no pop-up ads window will pop-up window outside? Don’t worry this code analysis continues below

as shown in Figure two:


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