Tongshan launched dream home entrepreneurial dream charity assistance project to promote entrepren

good public entrepreneurship public project, has a very big impact, therefore, in order to stimulate people Tongshan employment passion, launched the "dream home · entrepreneurial dream charity assistance project. More entrepreneurial opportunities for more entrepreneurs to choose.

20, the Chinese dream home Aid Engineering Association in Tongshan County, and the County Jiahe city officially launched the "dream home · entrepreneurial dream" public assistance project launch ceremony.

Jiahe city is located in the central business district is the benchmark of Tongshan, commercial project, set to drink shopping in one, greatly enriched the types of entrepreneurial projects. Set in the 10 region, Sichuan area, clothing area, KTV area, Sharon area, cafeteria, park, steak District, dining room area, barbecue area, hotel District, is the first choice for business investment.



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