Jiang Pingzhong review the development process of Knight master station

Knight master station was founded in June 2008, and has now gone through 1 years, 9 months. The knight station since its inception has been to good, and along the way to grow fierce! It is reported, Knight station to stand for this, so the confrontation won many new Adsense, grassroots support, also won the support of the search engine Baidu, Google


Knight said: "we pay attention to the website user experience, and strive to do more perfect, for the pursuit of the site of the United States, only more perfect, not the most perfect.". Because of this, can be in many new Adsense class website, become a people see the target rookie "


the early establishment of the station, the knight itself is not PR, and want to do some of the large Links is very difficult, but the knight station every day to update, adhere to the feeble growth outside the chain, three months after the knight station had rich content, and the user experience is good, some owners and owners would be willing to knight the Links station. The knight have consulted php168CMS, Kesion and other responsible persons, they agreed that we Knight station growth potential is huge! Later, they are given some ways of cooperation, they PR6, PR5 forum to link to our PR3 website, and the knight station will also be the first time released the partner news and the product, template, tutorials and other related content, at the same time, the partner Links

with each other!

Knight Webmaster Station after 9 months of efforts and persistence, and finally Google PR upgrade to 4, now the Webmaster Station Google weight is higher and higher, this benefit from the knight always with the best mentality to run!


adhere to update + adhere to the original + adhere to promotion = a quality website formation,

since there are some good friendship links, we will use this as a case, and other webmaster do links, relatively easy a lot. Here to thank the webmaster who has supported the knight, without your support, there is no Knight Webmaster Station today. Knight master station after more than 11 months of efforts, PR upgrade to 5, Knight found in a year, Google every time near the festival will update the PR value. In the "Christmas" when the paladin station PR upgrade to 4. Now approaching, "Dragon Boat Festival" when, Google and the PR value of the updated! Knight master station after more than 11 months of hard work and perseverance, and finally Google PR upgrade to 5,

!Google and Baidu are now

weight Knight Webmaster Station more, thanks to the knight always to operate in the best state of mind! Because I pay attention to the contents of the site, so every update and sustainable resources, now included in Baidu and Google is very good, Alexa ranking also reached more than 130 million. Knight master station to "blue style, harmonious beauty, unsightly layout and a large number of original articles, blowing up", in the Internet industry impetuous today, long time no smell >!

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