Ma Huateng entrepreneurs do not need worry and fear Tencent

Ma Huateng: entrepreneurs do not need to worry and fear Tencent

[TechWeb] News reported in March 5th, the board of directors of the Tencent said during the chairman and CEO Ma Huateng NPC and CPPCC in Beijing in an interview with reporters, entrepreneurs do not need to worry and fear the Internet Tencent, there is a great space for development.

Ma Huateng said, now many segments of a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities, as long as you get a very detailed place, how to use information technology to improve the efficiency of people, improve people’s lives, to solve a pain point, you can be sure of success. In particular, O2O combined with traditional life in this area, there are a lot of services related.

"now the business environment is very good, we talked a lot about this is to build ecological, ecological is to rely on a lot of entrepreneurs and we do together, because many segments we will not enter into the." Ma Huateng said.

in the mobile Internet era with social related, like unfamiliar street also listed, there are many new, vertical areas, and even anonymous social, a vertical field of social, have a lot of new space. As for Tencent, with QQ and WeChat, why not direct QQ to do? I found it different, one is a pure mobile Internet, mobile PC+ is a hybrid, which a lot of experience, the details are not the same.

in addition, Ma Huateng also pointed out that in the past Tencent took a lot of detours. Including a lot of things in the system to do. In this regard, Ma Huateng said: Tencent architecture may be more appropriate to do some basic, platform based, universal connector. Too complex, too deep things for us there will be referees and athletes of the problem, and now the mentality is a little better. (Aruhan)

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