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do you think a good product will attract users? Whether the media reports also believe that the most able to attract users? Geer first question these two points, he mentioned that a good product can keep retain users, rather than attract users attract. That is to say, it is a good product, do not have the opportunity to let people know, how to attract? Furthermore, public relations and media reports, can attract the audience audience, instead of the user users, but this is not the real purpose of the product. Finding the right target user, and then standing on top of the information stream, is a feasible way to launch viral promotion.

Geer has worked in dozens of start-up companies as a consultant or co-founder, he is also in an industry knowledge sharing company as a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship, he was willing to share their experience in the business enterprise. Here’s his business.

In the course of several decades,

at the same time, the trend of the Internet entrepreneurial environment has been strengthened, and various policies to encourage entrepreneurship have been introduced. They all say that the state strongly supports and encourages entrepreneurship. At present, China has formed a major trend of entrepreneurial environment, seize the opportunity to better take off.

Internet start-ups have been changing, grasp new trends in the industry trends. Some people say that the Internet business is a brush, brush off scum, leaving the elite seed. Every brush, there will be a lot of wailing and bitterness.


3, accept all early user recommendations: user feedback and advice is certainly important, but Tastes differ all tastes. each of the products and services, has its own reward and belittle. But entrepreneurs need to maintain their strategy and direction.

Internet has initially formed a business opportunity platform to create value. In the Internet platform, enterprises with opportunities, achievements, a small number of enterprises. Early Internet start-ups are burning money, and the amount of money burning is not small. The most important thing is the child ah, the Internet platform will burn money, to do some valuable things, otherwise money wasted, and things did not run well.

reached the first million users, social networking platform Twitter for 24 months, the visual picture sharing site Pinterest for 20 months, geographical sign in application of Foursquare for 13 months, the social media Facebook for 10 months, the network file sharing tool Dropbox for 7 months, the mobile photo sharing application Instagram for 2 and a half months, while the Path 2 only 2 weeks to reach 1 million downloads.

so how do you get 1000000th users? Michael Geer, a serial entrepreneur, shared his experience.

1, the purchase of user data: he had to spend money to buy a bunch of user information, email address, usually these users to buy quality are very low, and it is not your target users, you cannot expect them to receive your mail will click register.

Geer has worked in dozens of start-up companies as a consultant, he believes that a good product can keep users, not only to attract users. Finding the right target user and then standing at the top of the information stream to launch viral promotion is the way to go.

Internet era, the opportunities and legends created by the network every day. Some people get rich overnight, someone’s wealth evaporated overnight. Entrepreneurship in the Internet age means risks and challenges. But even then, what is it about a person who is full of entrepreneurial dreams and passions?There is no savior

with the peak growth of Internet start-ups, a large number of aspiring young people have invested in this trend of entrepreneurship. Success is not pleasant, failure is not disappointment." Should be the best mindset for all entrepreneurs. Although the entrepreneurial road is very difficult, very long, but all need to go on and go to the end.

in the early days of entrepreneurship, some enterprises and individuals anxious to get rid of unnecessary money. In fact, there are many entrepreneurs

era of Internet entrepreneurs, blacksmith needs its own hardware. Starting an undertaking is not an easy thing, and the hard price behind it can not be told. On the basis of self, continuous learning and progress, to find a breakthrough point, and guide benign development is the key step. No one can make casual success; it is a matter of countless times of exploration and failure.

was originally convinced that there was no real benefit:

Internet start-ups project has been shuffling, variable greatly. The Internet is a virtual thing, full of great unknowns. On the other hand, the Internet does offer a lot of opportunities for individuals and businesses. If the reform and opening up is the first opportunity, then forty years later in 2016 will be the second opportunity. And this opportunity has come only once in decades.

4, the coolest website, the most amazing video: Yes, it’s an important part of the corporate image

entrepreneurship has become in recent years gradually became popular topic, many industry relish, before and after meals become durable tire points of interest. You know, entrepreneurship has always been interesting. Instead of talking about the passion for entrepreneurship, focus on the process of entrepreneurship. There are a lot of people are discussing entrepreneurship, but tomorrow morning, and doing nothing to do with entrepreneurship. In accordance with such actions, entrepreneurship in this part of the eyes is "talk" just, did not implement specific actions.

2 leaves a message for startups on blogs, forums, and social networking boards: unless you have free interns, it’s a waste of time.

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