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: on-line activities. The word "

" group purchase "has for us these occupation netizen is not what mysterious words, can let us buy a group purchase is cheap and the benefits of the product at the first group purchase has just started, there are a lot of people think group purchase is a lie, and feeling on the Internet to buy down the group purchase products may be. Not only cheated money and things out, so there are a lot of people in the group purchase is closed but not the other, developed slowly after the group purchase, we are slowly to know the group purchase group purchase approval, is really not what love, is a two discount to group purchase, is likely to get cheaper the same goods, so bring a lot of convenience during the Spring Festival this year, I have a group purchase online, with 29 yuan to buy a KTV singing coupons, can sing Song for three hours, and three bottles of beer and a bag of popcorn, and if we do not have visible group purchase to buy it, then we will be 10 times the price, and the ticket is group purchase text to my mobile phone, so long as with a mobile phone to the specified KTV can exchange, and do not take a penny, so that the group purchase is really very convenient, of course, we now know that the group purchase has brought tangible benefits to our capital, so we can also use the group purchase for own to make money ah! Here may have heard some friends will feel the group purchase things are very cheap, even if do it then they make less money? Of course, I also considered this point, but I want to say is, no matter what you do as long as the customer, will make money, so that the management of the group purchase is a small profit rate A means of operation, and we do not need to provide what, as long as to provide a platform for buyers and sellers on the consumer, so no matter what the seller make a lot of money, we will also profit from here, you may have eyes, want to know the specific how to operate a group purchase website let life bring convenience, group purchase cheap for you also bring benefits to you? I have their own unique views, can give you a:


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to celebrate the work of the online line 8th anniversary, and in the beginning of the new year to sign the only alliance, special delivery of 10 yuan coupon activities! Immediately use the whole purchase books can be equal to cash!

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. The advertiser Name: construction network

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, a group purchase website

of many engineering fields

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,



. The data return mechanism: real-time return

engineering net has more than 80 thousand varieties of engineering books. Besides the various books of architecture, it also covers

do we had the most important group purchase website or website, the website can not do group purchase, it is best not to use open source, because although some open source web site completely, but the complex operation will reduce the degree of customer experience, so I advise everyone to develop their own after Taiwan, of course, when it comes to their own development and some friends will feel in fact, the specific function realization of a headache, no matter how complex, group purchase site is simple, the main function is to display products, product selection, product purchase and other functions, as long as these functions can be a good job, and the page must be simple, not complicated, I understand the first group purchase time, have been to a the group purchase website, foreign websites are relatively simple, the content inside the display, group purchase is the purchase and other functions Not all, and we can use some of the techniques used by others to do the function of SMS after the purchase, the function >

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. Advertisers: a network founded in January 2000, is the first Chinese, is currently the largest and most professional domestic engineering books online sales platform.

specifications, standards Atlas, etc., including transportation, electricity, water conservancy, communications, petrochemical, environmental protection, machinery, smelting and other directions,

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

. The settlement period:

, among them, the new book coverage rate of construction project books is more than 95%, and it is the professional book website with the fastest reaction speed and the most varieties of books in the industry.

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