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direct marketing: MaryKay, AVON, I really hate it, but somebody made it. Some people make crazy.

Has just announced the completion of the restructuring of sh419, is trying to speak to the outside world of a new "ecological" story. It is reported that sh419’s financial services, equity raising and technology, products and channels, together constitute the framework of the new story.

or else, isn’t excellence going to do this service pretty soon?.

reportedly, involving the financial sector, sh419 has been put into the "ecosphere" business, including financial services, post cast management, exit and so on. Among them, the financial services from sh419 wallet and sh419 financial composition, after the management of 100%

but the idea is certainly seen accidentally, is also a kind of luck, the strength of the

method is film review, book review, discussion, and expansion.

insiders told reporters that sh419 is currently in the Internet Financial layout has been relatively perfect, the basic fields are involved, such as payment, banking, insurance, funds, chips, banks, small loan and just on-line Internet non-public equity financing. But in the above segments of the financial sector, sh419’s industry position is not the top.

currently, Li Mingyuan is in charge of mobile services business group in sh419, and Liang Zhixiang, who is from the legal background, is responsible for sh419’s legal audit and supervision system and the president’s office of the company. However, the two executives may not be the actual helm of sh419 hundred people: according to sh419’s external argument, the current sh419 Internet banking business by Robin Li personally in charge.

recent network miracle many?. Today’s Internet users 150 million people. How many elites are there?.


so maybe Wang wants to find a profit point better than happy.

recently, "cf· sh419" quietly on the line, the sh419’s two level domain name is "sh419 hundred people", positioning private equity investment and financing platform. So far, Alibaba, sh419 and Jingdong, including the Internet giants have joined the competition to raise public equity platform.

I absolutely believe that there are a small group of people who do not communicate, do not show their faces, and do not invest. Do unconventional play, do the simplest things, make the most money. Tactics are tactical, and profit models are traditionally strategic. Strategic significance never changes, tactical changes are changing.

domestic shelves need to be elaborated,

, hao123 and watercress are the simplest, the most conventional and the most practical.

market will never be saturated, saturated only your thinking. Of course, the market will never be saturated, this should be in light of China’s national conditions, foreign countries do not apply ah. China’s 1 billion 400 million population, you have to remember this cardinal number,

sees today’s online bookshelf feature on the line. Wang Xing is the first to associate the day after the commission can do excellent.


this is our mature, very forbidden way of thinking, to judge the standard of feasible behavior.

up to now, sh419 layout in the financial sector including the third party payment instruments sh419Pay, sh419 finance, sh419 and sh419 small loans, stock market, banking, insurance and Baixin Bai’an the launch of sh419 bayzone etc..

, but they want to do excellent things to consider: excellence for money, when to give, how much commission, how much I want to earn, how much traffic can reach my expectations. Will do well, others follow the trend, or outstanding do not give money.

layout equity raised

watercress makes outstanding commissions, reviews, reviews, and groups. This is the form of expression.

Guo Degang said well, China is a big place, you have a cross talk change place, say, slowly to Mongolia, how is not a lifetime ah?. Looking back, I always want to try to innovate strategy, but I don’t understand tactics. That’s the problem.


, where are the crowds?

, but you’re all IT people around here. IT how many people?. Do not rule out some people in the use of your ideas.

"sh419 hundred people" website belongs to Tianjin sh419 hundred Public Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter access to industry and commerce information, the company was incorporated in February 2016. Li Mingyuan, vice president of sh419 as supervisor, vice president of sh419 and assistant CEO, Liang Zhixiang, serves as company manager and executive director.

this standard I believe that Li Xingping did not understand, do not understand the Arab North bean boss, tried, sweet, money! Other people, struggling, jealous, opportunistic, research, consideration, toss, then a silly X. Start thinking: if you want to. How are we doing now?.

You don’t say

Abstract: Recently, "cf· sh419" quietly on the line, the sh419’s two level domain name is "sh419 hundred people", positioning private equity investment and financing platform. So far, Alibaba, sh419 and Jingdong, including the Internet giants have joined the competition to raise public equity platform.


, not more than 30 million, the rest of you, all rookie ah, so happy net fire. Although people are playing with the technical framework, but does not the so-called "hao123 miracle" model in it? Certainly there is.

The !

last week, sh419 chairman and CEO Robin Li announced the restructuring of sh419’s business architecture through an internal letter. In the internal letter, Robin Li said that he will put more time and energy on the Internet, finance, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence and other innovative business. In addition, Robin Li will pay attention to the ecological construction of sh419, "more from the strategic level, concerned about the content, ecology, service ecology, financial ecology of the layout and construction."

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