A 90 entrepreneurs readme four lessons three stooges can’t be Zhu Geliang


in the impetuous Internet circles, successful entrepreneurial experience of entrepreneurs is not completely useless, but they are still in business on the road will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, positioning is likely to be ahead of the game. Based on human beings, to solve the problem of survival, team problems, the choice of four investors is also the problem of more than 95% entrepreneurs will encounter the problem of 99%.


is a 90, in the Internet business on this road has spent more than 3 years, will usually see some of the so-called CXO network this network that CXO wrote the article in the online business, I admit there are a useful experience to write out the good, but the most I don’t know how to write. In this impetuous Internet circle, everyone wants to succeed, the so-called successful writing experience, and then find the eggs. However, there are always a few key steps on this road, you are not positioning, will advance out. I assure you that the following are the experiences I have personally experienced, both at great cost.

positioning one: human based

is now a lot of articles on the Internet to talk about the founder, I admit that the founder is now crucial. But now you search online, mostly talking about how important the founder of the author, or an individual investor to write, either out of a media interview, either standing in the third perspective, the real entrepreneurs to write out how many? Even the importance of entrepreneurial team write out, he will tell you, it is important to find a reliable partner, a partner can we become what things nobody told you do not find a reliable partner in what is the result, then find a reliable founder, what is the result of.

1: can not afford to be responsible for their own work, resulting in the whole team paralyzed or the company died directly.

2: do things, light Dazui guns, got it Liaotiaozi.

3: all the money

4: can’t hold on.

Between the founder of the

development process is not only the problems above these, it is proposed that the four, because when I first venture, confusedly looking for a few people, and then toss for a year, encountered a few problems above, failure is inevitable, the cost of failure is what I owe a sum of money, wasted a year.

so, before starting a business, find the right person. What kind of person, I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

last month I came into an entrepreneur QQ group, a lot of people inside the shouting is looking for founder venture together, then there is one response, the last also said the Rio Group is a few points on the business plan to meet in what cafe, I was immediately from there back out and there is only one idea: think to buy food? It is a damn fool.


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