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follows the quote: XXX, hello!

AdWords advertisers.

click or display:

– publisher

– click on his web publishers who encouraged him to click the

– automatically click advertising or a web browser or any other fraudulent software

– released any part of the business for any reason to modify the ad code, change the advertising layout, advertising, advertising or advertising

if found above or any other such acts in violation of the shlf1314 AdSense terms and plan policy, we will be

disable your account. To review the terms and conditions and policy plan, please visit:

https://s.shlf1314/adsense/localized-terms hl=zh_CN

https://s.shlf1314/adsense/policies hl=zh_CN

if you have any questions on the invalid activity or take on your account measures, please do not reply to this email. You can visit the following website

to understand in detail:

believes that many webmaster have started Taobao customers, some are doing well, we should all know, Taobao off the average commission in about five or six per cent, and everyone out of the promotion of products, mainly basic to the bigger shop, the shop turnover, turnover rate. But we can see from the above policy, for those big sellers, even the minimum standards, but also to pay 4% of the value-added tax, which means that if the owner wants to maintain the current profit drop, had to reduce the cost of Taobao passenger Commission as a result, everyone, won the Commission will be greatly discounted.

in the winter of the Internet, the country’s policy will undoubtedly bring many to rely on the promotion of Taobao products to bring home the owners brought a heavy blow, I hope we will make a rainy day, together to tide over the storm.

believe that many webmaster see the news of the latest policy issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Tencent is in the news section of interpretation: "this means that whether the shop license to do business will be treated differently, some trading volume is not high for individual sellers, such as temporary or second-hand goods transactions idle. Can consider to trading platform for enterprises to manage, but must check the true identity information. And to other big sellers, to license and tax collection, according to China’s existing tax law, business enterprises in online transactions should pay 17% VAT, such as just buy and sell the store, to pay 4% vat."

In this paper,

    account number is June 21st applications. It passed in less than a few hours.. So I hung AD in my station. In June 29th, shlf1314 sent me an email saying that PIN was sending it. Posted to my address in July 14th. Because something happens.. The letter arrived at my hand, about 20… Because the space of the site is free space abroad. Not long after that.. It should be said in July 20th or so hung up.. Because the account is full, 100 knives.. So I hung up the space and I didn’t manage it. Then the account stopped. Today, I entered the mailbox and looked at shlf13148 15. I sent an email to me saying it was invalid and clicked my account to K.. My account has been parked for at least one month.. If it is invalid, click on the audit in July should be found invalid click on it.. Why did you post an email saying "invalid click" after parking for a month?. Depressed.

was: wwwshoushen/, please keep the address, thank you.

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