On the site of the biggest taboo pictures do

1, is the first home page is actually double address, this is a 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ address, /index.html is also an address, the same problem also appears in the channel page, the obvious mistake is caused due to lack of understanding of dream weaving program;

indeed, when web site for a month, is love Shanghai ruthlessly K down, not to mention what search records no ranking, but I still feel lucky, perhaps because the chain of hair too, as long as not to stop it, the results of a month in the past, the site remains the same, this is my website had never met before, it is a website template program? Can template is personally modified, junk code are removed, keyword and title also has a copy of high ranking websites modified.

a few months ago, listen to a netizen, I also entered the building energy-saving campaign, many online ready-made such website template, as the background is mostly dream, then download several, from the inside to pick up a their own template, then buy VPS, domain name, modify the template no, a week, my beautiful pictures www.***贵族宝贝 website officially launched.

2, the most serious problem is the content page, here I finally understand why good ranking websites not let love Shanghai included in the content page, because they use the template and the template I was almost the same, each picture presentation is the same, in accordance with the love sea talk, if you want to let him read a picture the content, then it must add the ALT attribute, since we do is picture stand, then the picture behoove should join the ALT property, or love Shanghai can only think of our website content > Liao


to tell you the truth, then it is love Shanghai K station site was in the limelight, second weeks to "beautiful" the words love Shanghai rushed to the first page, really a little taste of tread on air to this site, or even feel very promising, because it was just simply do the chain ask and answer a few search, but they also feel strange, reluctant to update the page snapshot, new content is not included, a sense of fear from the heart slowly take out.

this time I was helpless to the pole, make friends all know, a lot of things on the Internet can not find ready-made answers, and so I repeated the title template comparison ranking good site, always can not find the answer, but I also found this strange, high ranking sites are only love Shanghai contains the channel page and home page, it will not stand pictures included in the content page? Is it not on the chain support

this time I thought of the professional Shanghai dragon team, ask them to help me diagnose this website problems, after two weeks of waiting, the result came out eventually, my site has 2 love Shanghai intolerable problem:

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