Do you need to have the Shanghai dragon optimization four star


Shanghai dragon

optimization is a long tedious process, a website to optimize up, little more than a month, more than a few months or even six months to a year. As a new station, you have to trust through cycle of love Shanghai, will be 3 months. In this section of Shanghai Longfeng optimization days, you should continue to send the chain, update the article etc.. Every day the same work, but can not see a change. Do you have the Shanghai dragon optimization, determination to persevere, and don’t worry.


The 3. patient


Shanghai dragon is an important method of network marketing, we do in Shanghai Longfeng when optimization is a continuous process of learning and testing, love Shanghai algorithm are constantly changing, our Shanghai dragon optimization experience is constantly enriched, when we do in the optimization of the site, do not give up because of the moment without optimization go up, and doubt their ability to have confidence in Shanghai Dragon Technology and their own ability. Only this, we can put the Shanghai dragon well optimization.


2. Shanghai dragon careful optimization involves all aspects of internal and external website, keywords ranking do not, there are a lot of factors. We do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems encountered when carefully, all may have to think according to the phenomenon, for each detail optimization in-depth analysis, so as to solve the problem.

for example: two days before my classmates came to ask me a question, why my site in Shanghai have included, but in 360 did not included? I the optimization are optimized. When I took over his website looked and found his Rotos is 360 for the rejected. Change over a few days later, he phoned me to say, his website was 360 included. There is a QQ add me as a friend partner, he told me that his website included less, most of the content is his principle, only 100 articles included 20 articles, and he is my blog site 84, but included 71 articles. He asked me what is going on, I took a look at his website content quality, were OK, and then view his code, but found that his title is no H1 label. After the change, a week included 50 articles.

Wei Wei Shanghai dragon is often some laymen and some novice asked such a question "do Shanghai Longfeng optimization difficult?". Shanghai Longfeng optimization or not? In fact, Shanghai dragon would be difficult, also can say it is not difficult to. When we have no time on keyword ranking, we will find how to optimize Shanghai dragon ah, when we know Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, rules when we think of Shanghai dragon that it was such a thing as optimization. As an optimization of the Shanghai dragon Er is actually very simple, you need to have the condition of "four hearts".

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