Li Xiang leave the car home car more entrepreneurial than love without regret

A year after

left the home of the car, Li Xiang set up his own little kingdom elsewhere.


is a start-up company only a year, but the car and the home has been financing 2 billion 500 million yuan. Li Xiang said the money would be used to build a "most consumers are willing to buy electric cars".

in order to achieve this goal, the past year Li Xiang found three partners, "the auto industry is very large, very complex, I a person could not do a good job." But the drop out of high school began to toss entrepreneurs, is a great opportunity that electric cars of their own, in all his past experience harvest, can enjoy in the car and home.

, however, and Li Xiang seems to be more love than cars, entrepreneurship itself. He wants to prove himself through the car and home, and complete the transition from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

outside the car and home, Li Xiang also invested in BITAUTO Founder Founder Li Bin Wei to car, the more high-end positioning; in addition, Li Xiang or Dallas electric investors.

seems to have no regrets about leaving the car home, "you choose something, you lose something." "For me, choosing to be a smart car is more of a pleasure."

a lot of people think that the future of the car keys, mastered in Tesla, Wei car, car and home in the hands of such enterprises.

held in the 2016 NetEase in the future technology summit on the eve of NetEase technology reporter Li Xiang dialogue, the analytical force behind him. And Li Xiang, can you succeed again?

When the


NetEase: it’s been a year since you left the car home, started a car and home. What are you doing this year?

Li Xiang: last year after the establishment of the car and home, I do the first thing is to build the company’s water and electricity gas and other infrastructure work (referring to build HR systems, legal systems, financial systems, etc.). When these were created, I worked with the team to think about why I started this business, and started to build up our corporate culture, and then look for the core business partners.

we have four partners now. Ma Donghui (former president of the 31 body Research Institute) responsible for the development of the car, from design, engineering, manufacture, experiment to process his responsibility; Shen Yanan (former vice president of Lenovo) is responsible for the supply chain, manufacturing and overseas markets; immediately recruits a CFO, responsible for financing and financial services; to be responsible for me consumers, corporate strategy and human organization.

automobile industry is very large, very complex, I a person could not do a good job, I don’t need to move down a management help if I listen to them, but to find and care for consumers and businesses can take charge as chief of the organization, enterprise culture of the people.

NetEase Technology: cars and home made cars, when can we push the market?

Li Xiang: in October last year, a few partners to determine the basic, one after another to join the public

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