A few methods of website promotion chain construction summary

how to increase the chain


to discuss, do not speak well welcome.

know, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love encyclopedia collection of Shanghai library and so on can be used for the construction of the chain, fell in love with the sea is more noble baby love to promote their products. So a good grasp of this point, can get the high quality of the chain. A point can is now love Shanghai know inside to add your own domain name is very difficult by the verification, but precisely because it is difficult, so that the external link weight heavier love Shanghai.

stable Links –

has seen a webmaster wrote, the number of the chain in his three article written by A5 as he brought him around is far greater than the registered forum, there is time to go to mass links effect is good, because the A5 will get a large number of reprint, he after verification, the chain can be found. Through the A5 soft Wen reproduced accounted for a considerable proportion. Therefore, it is recommended that you contribute to A5, the harvest should keep you satisfied.

program with the site of a fool, many grassroots Adsense began to build their own websites, including me. The birth of a new website is very fast, from the selected domain name, buy space, installation procedures, a few days can be fix. However, no access into let the head problem of website construction, I always thought that as long as we update the original, someone will come, in fact is not like that, by nature to flow rarely, many of which are in their own look. Popular word is "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence can also be seen by a web site keywords ranking number and the number of the chain of the site are not unrelated. After building your website, need to do more is to intensify propaganda, extensive chain construction site, in contrast the content rather than the maintenance time is less.

chain effect shows the best use of high quality soft paper chain

said Links is very stable, is a source of trust in the search engine website for PR high, because this station search engine to recommend a good website, so the crawler will soon go to see. Of course Links is best and the quality of the website and your website content relevance strong website, find a good Links effect more than tens of hundreds of BBS link.

The ?The following

is now free blog hosting too much, do well as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and news, blog bus, love Shanghai space can be easily applied to the account. Compared with their newly established independent blog, the blog link included fast, good stability, but also eliminates the need to build their own maintenance and trouble, but if you want to make your blog are well indexed has reached the link >

close to the search engine, using the construction of the chain

build blog using blog build chain

love Shanghai The source of the chain

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