An analysis of the 360 search will influence on Shanghai Longfeng optimization

but many experts found that 360 search can in a very short period of time, beyond the search and other search engines, there are two main reasons, one is the relatively large flow of 360 desktop itself, has a strong user base, so the traffic growth has been the springhead, another is the 360 search users experience better, to abandon the search engine advertising, so the page more clean and tidy, and many of them are directly call 360 search results and Google love Shanghai results, and optimized, so users, and did not feel suited, at the same time because the content is optimized, instead a higher degree of user experience.

If the 360

at the same time, 360 search engines also combine their own in the field of security advantages, according to the search results of the implementation of the site security scanning, and provide information to the user is safe, this point for users obviously increases the user experience, but also love Shanghai know the advantages of the 360 search engines in the security field. So, Shanghai has begun to love and Kingsoft, rising and other soft kill cooperation, launched a new application of search for security, obviously is to prevent 360 search may find a breakthrough in terms of security.

obviously, webmaster expectation is 360 search engines as soon as big, but with the blocking love Shanghai, 360 search can achieve rapid growth will become a big suspense, after all the two companies are not a heavyweight, so when love Shanghai started blocking the 360 search after the development of 360 how, whether can like.

although many webmaster are now looking for Google optimization, but it is clear that since Google retreated to Hongkong, Google’s market share has declined sharply, now Google optimization webmaster are basically in the operation of some foreign websites, it is mainly for foreign markets, the domestic Shanghai dragon optimization is with love in Shanghai mainly, it is also the case, so many owners have to love Shanghai under the despotic power, sometimes even "gestures" or be ruthless abandon love Shanghai.

search to become bigger and stronger, so as a webmaster have another choice, will not always subject to love Shanghai this one search engine, the webmaster of search engine optimization for Shanghai dragon is obviously a good thing, but for the Internet, if the Shanghai dragon optimization the abuse, not only does not increase the Internet experience, instead will create more junk.

360 years in search with the desktop platform flow accumulation in the on-line days, has successfully squeezed out search, search engines such as Google, the market share reached 16%, become the love of Shanghai after another powerful search engine, which caused many of the webmaster attention, if the 360 search traffic continue to increase market share further growth, if can reach more than 30%, then as a webmaster must consider to search for the 360 Shanghai dragon optimization.

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