Description if not connecting to deceive users will become

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description of the website is actually middle website title and content of the bridge, in the search engine we can show the title and description. Display on the website in the title and content, but this time the title to the top, is the most prominent place. Basically negligible, the user basically won’t see. The description just played such a role of a connecting link, but if you want to describe this part of the problem, not to play the role of connecting the user will not feel deceived? So the real description, not just to write around the site title, also need to take into account the website the contents of the.

it is generally safer approach is to describe clearly, let the user see the description you can quickly find yourself looking for something on it. There must be some play too.

now see the situation, that is to describe or write very attractive, written in very marketing, allowing users to see there is a click on impulse. The content is not a horse but the mouth and the inside of the website, how can users become loyal users of your website, how you deal with, bring the profit for you. These people do not know is not considered in combination with the content of the website? Or intentionally, that never mind. Another case description alignment is the title, but the content and description of the web is not on, this once is directed to you describe incoming users will leave too, is unable to retain users, these two methods are The loss outweighs the gain..

many people may think description is not important, those who have this kind of feeling is full of people estimated only Shanghai Longfeng people. In fact, although the description can not directly affect the site’s ranking, but the indirect impact is still there, that is to click on the influence of the rankings. If you write a description of the website is very attractive, then you click on the site will certainly increase. Click once the increase in short time, keywords ranking will certainly improve, but there is a problem is your user experience. If you click on the website of high jump out rate is very high, ranking will certainly continue, but it is difficult to come up to. According to a data show about when people click on a site there are 44% of people will go to see the description of the site.

to write a good visible description is believed to have a great help for click upgrade, of course I believe there are a lot of people know this principle. So when writing exaggeration to describe the fake and false things came together. When I do, to describe the writing is very attractive, I observed to describe the change of the modified flow, probably increased by 15%, but a few days after the decline in ranking. The reason is because the description of the writing is very attractive, a user in what you really need is not found, then left, although the website IP has risen, but another data also rose, that is the site of the bounce rate also increased. This will lead to the decline in ranking websites.

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