Thinking of going to the countryside to do business with the internet Seize the wall and farmers’ s

Abstract: Rural whitewashing prices actually have with their Internet up and gone to the countryside. Ganji said the person in charge of the Beijing morning news reporter last year, did not do the main reason is whitewashing advertising "scary whitewashing expensive."

now "whitewashing" the price of expensive


is at the end of last century, returning from abroad "sea turtles" found China the uncultivated virgin as many people excited about the Internet, to plunge into the country. In addition to Alibaba, Jingdong such giants, there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to smell.

is a village music "whitewashing" the company has often boarded technology headlines; classified information platform ganji.com will focus on migrant workers after the recruitment period revenue a year up to 800 million yuan every day; Internet analyst Xia Tian for business electricity supplier fresh…… Zhu Cheng, Liu Tao, pan apple is just a beginning, a large number of entrepreneurs in the fields of farmers, can look forward to using the Internet to change the virgin land.

scene a farmer uncle expensive wall

village music was venture capital valuation of 1 billion yuan

when the Beijing morning news reporters Le Village seeking contact in the circle of friends, a number of new agricultural companies, the Internet Co responsible person said they are looking for the company. This is a mysterious company named Le Village, known as whitewashers overlord. In the past the media reports, the annual income of village music and performance have been tens of millions, venture capital valuation of 1 billion yuan.

many people may not think that the price was whitewashing the countryside with the countryside and gone up the internet. Ganji said the person in charge of the Beijing morning news reporter last year, did not do the main reason is whitewashing advertising "scary whitewashing expensive."

village music is known as the country’s largest paint company. It is reported that the village music mode is to recruit more than 20 network village, then use this batch of rural market power online promotion. As to the countryside, Village Roadshow film, radio, farm shop and rural tourism, rural supply and demand, and even provide loans in rural areas and rural finance and insurance etc..

in addition, village music also hopes to integrate the rural 1 canteen, by providing free WiFi and installed a set of management system on computer for the canteen, collecting data.

scene two exodus BAT do agriculture

acres of farmland to help farmers solve information asymmetry


deal, clean office and his hand built the team, in the tangle of two weeks, have a good job Li Guoxun chose to resign at Baidu, to join the Internet agricultural company, an acre of an agricultural product to help farmers solve the asymmetric information platform – tian. Beijing morning news reporter learned that the Internet to join the people in the field of agriculture more and more, they want to use the Internet to solve the problem of thinking of agricultural pain points, although no one has always been the way to go through the thorns. Li Dan

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