How to Search ask the chain released stable

link, is a team left the name of the audit or comparative advantages, after all, feel left behind the name is a team name, this is the beginning of the audit staff to give a good impression, feeling more persuasive.

third, answer to targeted

Soso Ask the advantages of existing posted on the link: on the one hand, I personally see come up from ask flow, this is no doubt; on the other hand, the number of links is to ask the published, I can find in Shanghai love search, at least that is included in the search for love in Shanghai the link address, to increase his collection is no doubt.

, first proposed to participate in the team cooperation mode to ask theWhen you release the

reminder: this I also participate in team mode in actual combat he tried, as long as their own to apply for a team mode, usually through this, I also personally tested.

second, to answer the questions as detailed as possible

release of the chain channels still have a way is through questions and answers in the form of a platform to publish their own link number. In this way, I do not know if you have not tried on time, I passed the test person’s own experience as follows, come together and share. If wrong, I hope everyone criticism. Here I give some suggestions and views for everyone.

also questioned the existence: on the one hand, ask and love Shanghai rivals, the Shanghai do not know love will love rival things; on the other hand, they said to ask the links are made to jump, and do not know the true and false, that is the general effect, some people.


see that let people know you are answering the questions, not to advertise. Ha-ha。 This is the actual try a reply, if the words of more than 20 thousand replies, general links are put out, the more words to reply, people feel in the intention to answer more strong ah, is a more compelling feeling.

don’t reply the content and proposed the content did not take, so the chain is difficult to estimate your hair out, and make sure your website content and your proposed content should be consistent, is to have a relationship, or no connection between the link address, is generally very difficult to pass the.

control link number


personally ask one day a 10 link is OK, not too much, after all, do not link to one or two days, this is the need to adhere to the long time ah, and the link of the day to do too much, it is easy to let the auditor antipathy, may not have a good feel the effect of the.


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