Unlock the Veil search root searching right down

generally, a black hat Optimization Website without the right to be reduced, the reason is likely to lead in a recent operation. And the reason is usually expressed in "one week" operation.

search engine drop right is not without any warning, in fact any change radically down the right to have a right or a precursor. For example, the website is right, but the page ranking do not change, it is the performance included significantly faster, the long tail word flow more and more spiders grow with each passing day, visit the. What were the site will be down the right performance? The first snapshot of a serious correction (the website is not in a batch update back). Second: the chain volume reduce and reduce (a day to reduce the dozens of the chain is normal, but if the day reduced dozens, hundreds were removed, then it must be right down performance). Third: the page is not included (is to be done right down processing site, the inside pages basically in a short period of time is not included, this time at least 6 hours or more). Fourth: the long tail word ranking key word (such as by this point love love Shanghai station weight query tools such as query, the result is obviously). These is the site will be down the right, if the site is down right is in the primary key serious fall ranking, not a trace of the way to fly.

: will be right down to

when faced with the above four problems, do we have to wait? The answer is negative, to find out the root of the right down, is the best way to solve the current crisis.

3, surge and links included, do Shanghai dragon must understand a truth, don’t expect to eat a big fat man, if that is the case, it will cause indigestion could not eat something. In fact, that countless cases: Net >

two: find the right down the root of

A: recently done what


2, or also said that replacing the web server, its performance is the most obvious, the general day to replace the server, at the latest second days there will be serious even if ranking floating, improper handling will become in the true meaning of the "right down".


site is down right, is the most common phenomenon. But why was the drop right? It is said that search engine exhaust". But what is the meaning of it? How many website ranking is down, there are many sites ranking up. In fact, the site right down any seemingly accidental non untraceable, right down there are inevitable factors of its existence. So how to find the root of the site down right? If you go check erroneous ideas at the outset every step of the optimization, presumably fall right rarely breeds.

1, such as the replacement of the site title, keyword, generally one or two days may not see what fluctuations, even ranking will suddenly increase, but more time is the rank of the decline was suddenly in a few days after revision.

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