Website optimization excessive you need to pay attention to the daily operation details analysis

second, the website chain optimization over the site right down. We know that the chain is to enhance the website keywords correlation and page weight is very important, but many owners in order to optimize the optimization, especially do a lot of internal links in the content page, the user experience of reading directly lead to declining problems. As a result, it is self-evident right down the website or will appear in the top of his head, the author suggested that the chain must be based on the stand in for the user and search engine services, mainly for the user to find more relevant information, to provide access to the search engine grab more relevant content, so in the process of optimizing the content the use of 1-2, a strong correlation between the anchor text links to related page, the chain must pay attention to the nature and degree of correlation, this high quality is the chain can effectively improve the inside pages of keywords ranking, we must pay attention to about 1000 words. The maximum not more than three chain, otherwise reduce the user experience of reading.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a combination of technology and art work, we can optimize to optimize, everything is a basic indicator of what is, is too far meet the eye everywhere in living things, so as a Shanghai Er how can we avoid the Dragon optimization in detail, let the website is far from excessive optimization dilemma, well, we continued to gossip short, today’s topic, causing the site excessive optimization you need to pay attention to the daily operation details analysis.

third, the indiscriminate use of the resulting optimization website weight label cheating. We know that the HTML tag itself has a very clear meaning, flexible use of labels can improve the site optimization, but excessive use of tags also have the phenomenon of excessive optimization, optimization of tags are commonly used H, TAG, ALT and so on, we must first understand the inner meaning of these labels is what. For example, H marker is news headlines, ALT Map >

first, the content of the website is the most easy to cause the search caused by anti cheating mechanism. We know the importance of website content is self-evident, what we concern most places, is also very easy to go wrong, whether new or old station to content is king thought to optimize our website, content is not only the focus of search engine, users find effective channels is also important information website the optimization of the most common content over, such as site pseudo original, although it is in fact you copy the article’s purpose is clear is to optimize the optimization, not really provide valuable information for users, and some such as a webmaster in the content inside the stack keywords, published some related articles or using some rubbish pseudo original, collection and so on have a large number of spam messages which are caused by excessive arch-criminal optimization. We should pay attention to the quality of the original is best when updating the content, the content must be consistent with the user’s search needs, and pay more attention to the release of the user experience, all from the user’s point of view to think it is not easy to cause excessive optimization problem has occurred.

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