What about how to share the site to drop right through a one time treatment of illegal operations

content editor

(2) site rules.

many people are very anxious website right down. On the Internet there many forums, QQ group and Shanghai dragon rushed to find the answer. In fact, many right down is due to our website operation optimization problems. But even a very understand people who need a long time to understand the operation of your situation. And now meet problems to find solutions. So this article is to share with you how can we judge for yourself some of their illegal operations. In order to improve our website.

Optimization of Two.

when we met the problem in the chain, this drop right phenomenon is chronic. When the time comes down right is difficult to optimize, to restore. Because the chain optimization, link optimization is to improve the response and the search engine will be very slow.

Of course, the above

, excessive optimization.

is mainly a problem of thinking do optimization for our website structure and website. In fact, the first thing we are going to see the basic law of our Shanghai dragon. These in Shanghai Longfeng research center of Shanghai dragon training will be involved to explain. Of course, we can also go to the Internet in our love to see our Shanghai optimization guide can better do note this aspect. Meet those targeted to improve the phenomenon. But excessive optimization improves overall is not easy. So the reminder webmaster friends in the optimization of time must pay attention to these things.

alt=" ****" special special image ranking, ranking

then I will tell you about the irregularities in our daily problems.

(1) within the chain within the chain optimization, excessive optimization is common we add back links at the bottom of our website, as well as in our website content page has a lot of pointing to the site’s home page. Of course there is the site of bidirectional path dynamic path and pseudo static, but also included the phenomenon.

content is our core factors, if you write with a user experience of the article. It is a search engine of love. Then we have to pay attention to many factors. For example, following the "

3. things, the description of things, the rational use of picture + text + Video + audio, not abuse a way. This is not to provide users with a good experience.

website contains pictures to add ALT and flash to assist the text on these to search engines optimization is very important, if we did not write. It is not conducive to the search engines crawl. This led to the problem is very serious. Even if you do a good user experience is no way. So we do in the optimization time to pay attention to these aspects.

Some rules of

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