The low quality of the chain to my site into the depths of hell

3, caused by a single site outside the chain. The holidays came back, the number of Web site outside of the chain increased dramatically, from the original more than one thousand increased to more than 4000. So I began to analyze the data of chain website, I found the chain of our website there are so few from the station: in a few webmaster forum posting replies, many contents are not original; submit your site to the web site directory, and for these sites do Links; add a lot of Links platform. But never take the initiative to exchange. The chain is almost no high weight links, see these we suddenly understand everything, the low quality of the chain is the cause of this site is the main cause of K.

often said before a >

2 web pages, micro adjustment. Early web, web design and technology because of carelessness, lead to the page design is not in place, the code is not standard and many other reasons, we in the double before the web page to do a micro adjustment, the main adjustment have dead link removal, DIV level reduced, the position of the moving plate and the page style changes (this does not change), which pages are more concise and beautiful. After the vacation tests found no have much impact on the change of website ranking, website updates only holidays we can keep the next update, website update frequency (holidays outside the chain didn’t release and protection of employees), holidays. After returning from holiday site had great changes, there is a keyword in the top three, so that changes the web page is very necessary, but must change page to search engine like the direction of change. This excludes the page changes to the site the K effect.

1, the beginning of the line to collect large amounts of data. The line on the website for nearly two months, the beginning of the line and collected a lot of data to enrich the site, after the original false original update is regular, regular chain, near the site keywords ranking to the first page part. Although love of Shanghai recently collection website crackdown is relatively large, from a month on-line website, looks for my website effect is not large, perhaps the line after the original false original update and timely send the chain, love Shanghai for my website optimization. From here on, put the line at the beginning of a large collection of this site is the cause of the K rule.

this morning through the webmaster tools query a China remote education website of our company, alas! Tragic day is coming. No love in Shanghai before the snapshot, multiple keywords in the home page top, now K Not the least trace was found.. At that time, see this scene, the mind is really a hard, I can’t believe these Webmaster Tools query data, in order to further confirm this fact, then manually in the SITE search engine keyword search site, before the top, SITE was not the first home page, and also all the words are Not the least trace was found., K in addition to 100. This is the real tragedy that site has really come, stop all the work started to analyze the specific reasons for the recent changes in the website.

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