The old owners pay you how to do URL website optimization

in our website optimization, many webmaster think static good, beneficial to the spider crawling, so URL is also so, the use of a large number of static text to write the URL address that is will facilitate the spiders crawl crawl. In fact, this is not completely, because with increasing search engine updates, many symbols are also get search engine recognition, but also can be included in search engines, so this page naturally will also be included. In addition to this, there is a brief URL, so it is easy to user memory, to facilitate the next visit. Then the author used their experience summary to concrete to explain some opinions:

do stand for so many years in the author, found that many owners would put their own homepage all static, but from the author’s experience, this is not a good thing, because we all know that our space if there is buffering, then we update the published content is not displayed, then we you need to constantly publish content, constantly updated website home page, column, not to say don’t trouble trouble from the snapshot, sometimes we will find us a snapshot page appears in several different time, in fact it is affected by the. We all know that now the search engine in terms of technology has greatly improved, from the beginning of the only known to alphanumeric character recognition more and more, now say? And & these two characters, now the search engine is able to detect the page can also be included. So, when we do URL optimization on its own website, there is no need to deliberately pursue the static, dynamic but in some cases the effect for search engines is far higher than the static. So here I prefer writing URL for the use of the dynamic homepage, column page, can use the amount of pseudo static content pages using static effect. Because we all know that when the spider crawling website in general are from left to right, the content of natural home is the most easy to capture, and then sequentially capture, so the use of such optimization is relatively reasonable.

with the popular Shanghai dragon in the webmaster industry, Shanghai dragon research is more delicate, probably from the site as a whole optimization to the details to optimize, can be fully proved forward and development of Shanghai dragon industry Chinese. So long winded so much, today I want to share with you is a focus on the optimization of Shanghai dragon in detail, that is URL optimization, hope to all the webmaster can help.

for the column page, I said above, URL is the best use of pseudo static form to optimize, because we are in the home of speaking, column page is a relatively good supplement, also is in the URL column page optimization do not use too many special characters. If you have to take the case, or to use a search engine to identify.

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