The actual site from the noble baby not included to start included Sogou



after the submission of the webmaster tools included noble noble baby baby’s email "has received the website owner submitted a re examination of the application, noble baby will find website is no longer violated"

chain group what

then click on the "request to review your site selection site, here is to tell you very sincere noble baby, before your website has violated the noble baby guide, such as keywords Fletcher,


last December at the A5 forum, bought a domain name c950贵族宝贝, ready to do the Android website, it was time to buy, check your search engine found in addition to love Shanghai included about a page, the other search engines are almost not included, then ask the seller is not the site was K, the seller said no, just the site for a long time I did not do, I see a snapshot of love Shanghai, is indeed a few months ago, was also a bit worried, but I think this domain was love, also had prepared the case, can be removed from the record of trouble, so he bought it, start to concentrate on the website.

with the update site, slowly love Shanghai included more and more, the snapshot can also keep up, soso ah, ah, ah, a YAHOO Bing, are included, but the nobility and Sogou baby is not included, this odd, usually do the right site, a love of Shanghai is difficult wait, often more than a month to put out a few pages, this time how noble baby and Sogou also difficult to take care of? At that time has no time, so how to manage it, but by January, or a collection of no signs, some worry about it, so go to the two the search engine included re submit the application, but also to nobility baby Webmaster Tools add site, and to verify the site, the site map is also presented, but is still no news, no echo, and very The strange thing is in capturing statistics it can see the love inside Shanghai from January began to capture data, thought may have to wait a long time to put out, so wait until February 26th, really can not help, then carefully on the website to search the reason of a noble baby not included, found that roughly the two cause of nobility baby not included, one is the cause of the server, such as firewall, or the server is not stable, but the other sites I VPS the above is the baby collection, so this can be ruled out, another is because the site was K, let the baby noble review website address: 贵族宝贝support.贵族宝贝/webmasters/bin/ hl=zh-Hans& answer=35843; noble baby?, but the premise is that you must have been verified in the webmaster tools Your

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