Shanghai Dragon Spirit insist don’t give up


, webmaster all know, insisted that victory, but there are still a lot of people to give up the road. They cross but these roadblocks, without power, first back.

website Although Whether

the above two kinds of circumstances, may not have part of the webmaster, they also do optimization in hard, not only do white hat color with black side of Shanghai dragon, but every day is still not effective, they choose to give up, this is called give up halfway. Assume that your high school hard review for three years, near the entrance to give up before not everything if you insist, cast to waste? Success may be a step away.

is like the march to war, not persist, not even the battlefield, the enemy did not get on the way down, halfway retreat, it is cowardice without courage. Many webmaster in Shanghai Phoenix on the road, saw a huge obstacle, get worldly-wise and play safe. So, what we can’t say, only admire those who stick with the webmaster.

third, insist that success may in the heart of

just as Shanghai dragon industry, one is full of confidence, full of passion, A fighting spirit soars aloft. After one or two years of vicissitudes of life, that feeling makes many webmaster Shanghai dragon has lost motivation? As the grass family, but the big bucket webmaster funds can be compared, but never yield in spite of reverses the spirit. The rest of the stick, but is the only grassroots webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimize chances of success.

first, long time no weight and flow of

is rich handsome or the grassroots, do you want to have a good result, we must adhere to. Grassroots should not take all kinds of adverse conditions as their withdrawal by >

the size of the flow is the webmaster do Shanghai dragon gate. Many webmaster only, not to cross the border, there is no sort of toughness to learn, only on the network to find a template, using the most simple CMS continue to build websites, collection content, and then sit back. In fact, this is called for, stationmaster didn’t pay too much hard work, with high repetition of site to exchange traffic, not too realistic.

second, repeating the high degree of website not flow

believes that this is a lot of people are met. For several months, even half a year, the weight of the website no improvement, traffic is very few. Will a little weak webmaster, will complain and withdraw from the Shanghai dragon arena. They see others but also a few months, or less time, the website weight do 4, do 5, only envy blindly, not to analysis. In fact, I think these people to the website, the hardships behind, only they can see. Optimization of pages long tail words of the original, high quality chain, code optimization, and every little bit are their sweat. Pay and reward could be proportional to their harvest, but guizaijianchi.

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