No VR content company can make a profit in 3 yearsTen suggestions for successful enterprise Blogger

10, pay attention to other blogger’s comments on your company Monitor the>

3, to provide readers with real analysis Grow and sustain your audience view by providing real analysis: if you want to write some of your readers will be interested in the news, not only to describe the news, provides in-depth analysis of the rich, it will help you to win the reader.

9, advertise your blog Promote, your, blog

see Herock on the success of the enterprise Blog standard, and just to see a 10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger, which is on hand to free points, as a supplement to the Herock article.At

reports, the first domestic AR companies have already closed, account only 70 thousand yuan; the beginning of September, the company closed down, VR transformation, layoffs constantly seen in the media; when the Alpha Go in the "human world" beat the world chess champion Li Shishi’s Carnival ringing in the ears, shlf1314 flagship AI and Tesla driverless cars the Autopilot automatic driving system is not so good to say "Wang".

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is on the side of big three BAT active layout and VR, AR crazy influx of capital, AI, while the new venture company closures and layoffs, technology is not mature, "air" in the future can be said is half water, half flame.


7, don’t be afraid of criticism Don t be afraid of criticism

1, blogger Understand the fundamentals of of Blogger Relations: Blog is not a PR, but only to participate in the dialogue, and actively participate in other blogger dialogue, to win your trust, set up the blogger relationship.


in view of the continuous emergence of capital chain breaks and corporate failures in the industry, many people are beginning to look at the "VR". They believe it should not be an "air outlet", but there are also some people who believe that this is only the first

5, with comments to build relationships and Respond traffic: blog review is an important part of interaction and dialogue, to actively respond to comments on your article.


2 and create value create value: your blog, if they do not create value for readers, they will not come again


8, do bring interview content for the blog Conduct interviews to generate content and ideas: the interview content and can bring more traffic to you and other blogger, will also have some good ideas.

20 months guobayin killed during Lina:2014~2015 years? Chi, VR that is a new concept for the first time, capital high enthusiasm, a time from the news media to the major industry research institute, the same mobile phone box headlines, blossom everywhere, the birth of a large number of similar companies to catch up with the wind mouth. And to 2016, especially in the second half of 2016, the entire intelligent blind passion of industrial investment began to cool down, financing tightening, coupled with the hardware technology is not mature, the consumer market is far from open, entrepreneurial companies have financial difficulties in the blind expansion, direct funding strand breaks occur most seriously, the chairman on the run away.

two days before going into 2017, at the turn of the year, Xiao Bian also tall cold technology fan, talk about the VR, AR, AI said that these can change the future of the "high-tech".

recently, Zuckerberg publicly demonstrated its 2016 works, a similar Jarvis artificial intelligence assistant, the aide frequently wrong, Zuckerberg somewhat embarrassed to say: "Oh, this should be it the most unsuccessful show!"

VR is the abbreviation of English Virtual Reality, which means "virtual reality"; AR is Augmented Reality, that is "augmented reality"; AI is Artificial Intelligence, which is what we usually call artificial intelligence". They are seen as investors in 2016 tuyere, but flocked to follow up, VR, AR, AI industry start-up companies, 2016, how’s it going,

6, track your conversation Track, your, conversations,

reported the circle of ideas Report on community opinion: if you think you have a very important news, but you can’t say what jianglangcaijin, it does not matter, review articles to write other blogger on the news comments, and don’t forget to trackback them.


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