Love Shanghai fight 360 to search the user access prompt Qihoo

technology news (Le Tian) August 22nd news, science and technology Tencent was informed that the Qihoo 360 has triggered the search quickly jump up the love of Shanghai alert. At present, 360 search "question and answer" default jump beloved Shanghai know, however, that the jump beloved Shanghai, Shanghai love will be in the page prompts the user to set home in the sea.

love Shanghai prompts the user: "you are the ‘Qihoo search’ visit beloved Shanghai know that to obtain complete high-quality love Shanghai search experience, you can make love Shanghai for home page or the love of Shanghai added to the desktop." When using Google, Sogou, search and other search engines search "love Shanghai know" and enter, love Shanghai not to the user prompt.

is currently in the 360 site and turn it into a browser default search engine in the process of. The 360 day closing price rose 4% to $21.1. By the market worried about the Qihoo 360 Chinese will intensify competition in the search market, thus affecting the love of Shanghai’s revenue, love Shanghai shares on Tuesday fell 5.74%, hit a single day decline in 10 months.


independent Securities Research Analyst for the T.H.Capital service provider 360 applauded, it pointed out that the "Qihoo 360 of the search engine is quite good, but not yet commercially. Even if there is no love Shanghai and Google, Qihoo 360 of search engine and the inclusion rate are very close and love Shanghai and Google."

love Shanghai know to remind the user to search from the Qihoo (Tencent technology plan)


earlier, it launched a search for second days in 360, Shanghai launched the "search love emergency security alliance, jointly set up website security vendor security alliance to combat fraud, illegal fishing, etc.. This is considered to be a love Shanghai prevention strategy 360 to safety in the name of the main position of the search attack.

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