Web page is not included in the reason

The first step of

spiders index

now the Internet, there are many only included the home website, to find reasons not included, solve the problems included, we must first understand the process of search engine website. Collection can be divided into creeping, crawling, indexing, release of the four processes, any one of the following steps that are likely to cause the page is not included.

for the reason from the collection process

search engines "is found on the web crawl, want to let search engines, it is necessary to ensure the target web site to find it in other pages, so the spider can follow the web crawl to your web site. Compared to the Google spider, the spider crawling depth love Shanghai has not been very good, especially for some low weight website, so if you want to grab a spider page, then do not support publishing home page links, more care about the inside pages. In addition, pay more attention to the internal links to their own web site, clear spider trap.


index can be said to be a part of the core technology of search engine, the index can be simply understood as the calculation way of classification, the search engine on the web content value judgment, website content quality is judged on this link. The quality of the spider, although caught, but after a period of time will still remove it from the database. The more obvious is that in some weight high website posting, but the day included second days can not find, this is the case. So this website content value >

spiders crawl

website, maybe a lot of Shanghai dragon is not very concerned about, because most people run small sites, and many others are optimized, just focus on several key words home page ranking. But for some of the more content for the website, your website is part of the Shanghai based Phoenix, because the home page can participate in the ranking is limited to a certain degree, the flow will be difficult to improve, must let the page rank in order to attract more traffic from search engines. It follows that the website included problems.

spider crawling

is a spider crawling step, a link to download the web page information. Consideration is the page size, speed, quality, factors such as the spider trap server need this link. The residence time of each spider in a web site within a certain period of time is basically fixed, if the page is too big or too slow download speed will affect the spider crawling efficiency, and the amount of information carried by a search engine spider is a size limit, the web page is too large, the download time too long is likely to cause problems not included. Interested friends can pay attention to the general web, HTML code itself is not big, really big file is the image on the page and the JS code, we can make the website image optimization and code optimization according to the specific circumstances of JS.

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