Wake up 360 webmaster are not our last straw

August 16th, 360 low-key on-line search, just two weeks time 360 search has become a hot topic on the Internet, and between the 360 Shanghai war and love this time I see triggered at any moment, statistical posts from a large number of stationmaster net and Shanghai dragon forum, A5 forum and Shanghai dragon why forum. From the voting situation, most of the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel support 360, and many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng staff put their hopes in the 360 comprehensive search of the future, that 360 search is our webmaster help straw, in fact this is just our wishful thinking, an empty dream.


as a webmaster or Shanghai dragon, we just

search engine is relying on technology instead of manual intervention

360 is not in Lei Feng, this is the brutal competition in the market


search engine and Shanghai is making the game dragon and the game participants, realistically, we are all their pieces, the search engine only concern is that ordinary users, and we are only one of many ordinary users, so no longer fantasy 360 or Shanghai special care we love this group of users, and we actually hinder their gain more benefits, for example, Shanghai dragon is the search engine scavenger, responsible to help him clean up more Internet garbage, so that better rankings love Shanghai in the first few pages, so that there is a large number of users use love Shanghai. If you love Shanghai before a few pages in addition to several auction sites, the other is a pile of garbage, it will allow more users to also disappear from love Shanghai! What kind of website users lost. If I love Shanghai and I will control the development of Shanghai dragon, because I know the number of the scavenger is enough on the line

said that if the domestic which search engine technology newbest, then we will not hesitate to answer: love Shanghai. This is no ground for blame things, but love Shanghai technology compared with Google, still need to be improved, for example: we publish articles on my blog, and then go to the webmaster nets contribute, results the article on your blog is not included, the weights that we contribute to high site instead love Shanghai fast included, technical problems like many, love Shanghai official also said it will increase the algorithm precision, but there is still a problem.

360 search engine technology is definitely better than the love of Shanghai far worse, although it is also out of a 360 Spider, but is also not mature, imagine if 360 is really out of its own search technology is not perfect, how to grasp the user’s search results not very simple technology? The problem is, artificial, and a little bit of love is from Shanghai, we consider the search engine technology is not perfect that will force the search for the 360 users is likely to change, 360 search will be more commercial".

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