Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon to diagnosis the complex problem formulation


although I do not have a definitive answer, but there are certain ideas, the following simple introduce:

1, general formulas are here we need to add, subtract, multiply and divide, do the best formula is more simple, only need to add and subtract, let everyone take over will be able to take over, look can remember. >

we read the primary school, middle school, University will encounter a very important concept, that is the formula, a lot of friends for such a word to have a headache, because the formula is too much or too complex often don’t remember it, perhaps because these formulas friends left the question of a shadow, but we think that can not be ignored the role of these formulas. We think if we can put all the problems in Shanghai Longfeng formula, every time we work with similar problems, then only need to apply these formulas, then we will work in Shanghai Longfeng greatly reduced time and effort, we do stand confidence will improve well. The formula is a common problem with a simple simple combination.

diagnosis problem formulation

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce a lot of their own understanding about Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, because they have been very optimistic about the diagnosis of this segment of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon industry, think to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, is important to the site to do comprehensive diagnosis, let the hidden site in the existing hidden trouble in time, let us get the optimization work better security. The front is mostly to introduce various aspects about Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis system is also very comprehensive, but actually to do may not be so good to be able to use it, because Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is definitely not a simple matter, the workload is relatively large, so when we do in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis we must note that the simplified, it’s better for you to some complex problem formulation, so as to make Shanghai Longfeng easily complete diagnostic work.

a lot of people can be very happy to say that this idea is very good, then you have summed up a formula? My answer is no, the first is because they are the lack of capacity, a lot of things are not able to very good system to master, such as program, second is because each the Shanghai dragon operating practices are different, although the same principle, but does not necessarily meet with everyone, such as I love to write soft, but the ten owners have at least half of the webmaster is not love to write, some can write but do not want to write, some really can not write, finally because of the absolute formula is not a personal thing, but we need to study together, and then he used the most simple way to show the formula need to be repeated to verify its reliability and accuracy Is to let everyone to convince this formula is really suitable for us to apply to Shanghai Longfeng work.


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