A small part of the site on July 5th included the return to normal

at 12 pm on July 5th, found that many sites included love Shanghai has returned to normal, first say, you hurry to site your site, included before K off has been slowly recovering, many webmaster friends can be assured.


love Shanghai significant changes is apparent in June 28th, in the early June 24th in Shanghai love club owners issued a site abnormal announcement, so the exact love shock of Shanghai has now for two weeks. Shanghai issued a notice to explain love Engineer Site syntax query is not normal phenomenon: "love Shanghai system update process more out of the situation, leading to site query syntax namely numerical site:xxx贵族宝贝 returns very visible, no" site into the new algorithm, and this algorithm is based on repeated website content, because of this algorithm the adjustment, and before is not compatible, that leads to the 20 phenomenon and the phenomenon of home. Although there are great differences in site results, but also love Shanghai will not influence the website included and ranking.

was affected by the events of 628, many sites included the shot or Kuangxiang, love for Shanghai this incident many webmaster ventilation is on the verge of collapse, at first we thought it was a normal fluctuation love Shanghai in the renewal period, two days will be restored, but in 628 after the events of the week, love Shanghai included still no change, many webmaster in despair, that love of Shanghai is a foregone conclusion.

don’t know why you love Shanghai chose in peacetime will not have the new Wednesday adjustments, but this adjustment is a good thing, for they did included webmaster, the heart hanging heart finally put down; for those included Kuangxiang webmaster, and finally see hope in the hands of a website.

and things are not the same as we imagine, when you open the computer today will certainly surprise, what surprise? Of course is to love Shanghai website ranking, included the recovery, in late July 5th twelve or so part of small and medium-sized site included, the chain returned to normal, only love Shanghai through several days of deployment, will on site redistribution processes.

this day Shanghai returned to the part of the site collection and sorting, there may be a small part of recovery, do not know when they will be completely over, perhaps because love never ends, Shanghai algorithm is continuously adjusted, even if the algorithm for adjustment of the end and will have a new algorithm to adjust. According to the Shanghai love this adjustment webmaster can not be too alarmed, because if it is love of Shanghai’s own adjustment problems, it will re adjust back, even if we panic that we are not able to control, so the key ah, or honestly do stand.

love Shanghai ah, sad is also pregnant, although once Shanghai Dragon Master said, do not rely on the web search engine, they can do, but for small and medium-sized webmaster, search engine.


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