Flour website weight is how to search for 1 months from 2 to 6

The mirror site user groups such as

website from May 2 to June weight straight up to 6

users demand surge, the surge in the number of users is the main reason for the weight of flour soso rising, why the front I have always stressed at the end of May early June this time? I believe we all know, because Google began blocked IP in China at the end of May, after screening the range and depth of more and more, which lead to a large number of users can use Google search, and this is precisely the flour soso opportunity, because this is the Google search Google mirror, is in the Google open, users search for Google search to borrow flour.

can look at the graph below the site daily weight change:

flour soso is formed, the number is very large, but the demand is very obvious, the invisible Valley powder flow of the search starts to rise, now search Google search, search Google ranked third, as follows:



this is a Google image station, called soso flour (gfsoso贵族宝贝). I love Shanghai daily weight is 6, PV is 138000, there is no record of the domain name server in Japan, 1 years of age in July 4 days time, from registration to May this year, has been 1, 2 website weight, tepid, and at the end of May and early June when the site traffic, the weight began to rise, followed by key words and keywords ranking is rising, the weight of direct now soared to 6.


two, search speed


of Google Search Search Google Image search, fast speed, good user experience, it is also a key point. With >

and PV


, a user demand soared

can be seen from the end of May the beginning of June, the website of the data are directly up, just 1 months, the website weight is how to search flour from 2 to 6?

however, like flour soso mirror site very much, these sites also in Google can not access this tide ah, why flour can search off the lead out? We continue to look down.

PV site daily soared by the end of May several hundred now directly to the hundreds of thousands, an increase of 200 times

recently found a website in just 1 months time, just let magic website weight increased from 2 to 6. Good, weight is from 2 to 6, PV on the growth of hundreds of times, this is not the title of the party, no exaggeration, but not to introduce what the black hat cheating technique, a website really, but is a special case. First picture:

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