Shanghai Longfeng optimization enhance the user browsing experience the details of what we can do be

as everyone knows, the conversion of site operation and maintenance in particular the optimization direction of Shanghai dragon has begun to focus on the user browsing experience, in fact, the main purpose is for users to access the site good feeling before the foundation, content quality is good, the structure is also good, but a large number of web advertising, you can say that this site is good site? These ads blocking users read the line of sight, affect the user’s browsing experience, this site even by Shanghai dragon was asked to do the detail problems, website ranking may not be recognized, love Shanghai, today the author on this topic and do a detailed analysis of what.

second station, the length of the article the best reasonable control. Many webmaster to save trouble, especially some medical site, on the patient’s problem, the answer is often relatively simple, as long as the webmaster may layout of the long tail word, can bring to the site the effective flow and visitors to its purpose is achieved, so there can be no criticism, but we think that the user search what drug effect is good? Is actually want to learn more about this products, but you only use the contents of a word, such as XXX slimming effect is good, for why this product is good, the advantage in what place, have side effect? And customers are very concerned about the issue but with a pen, like this " sentence " this is completely unable to meet the needs of the user, in the creation as we increase the number of possible words, the most basic but also to ensure that each article In 300 words or more, preferably between 400 to 600, this can really tell a product, so that consumers can also get a satisfactory answer.

third, always focus on product or industry trends every day to update the article. We know that this is the site of the blood only, every day to keep the site updated fresh information, in order to make the website time presents the latest information in front of the reader, it is like the role of human The new supersedes the old. blood every day, is the latest, so every morning the human spirit is the most exuberant, is the source of in the replacement of old and new, the content of the website is a truth, daily increase of fresh content for the site, let the spider regularly visit sites, both for the user or spider, will be because of Regulations >

first, try not to place a lot of influence the user reading ads in home. The current Internet advertising forms, many owners to seek benefits in the home a lot of wantonly very conspicuous advertising, these ads in the creation of the interests of the owners also deeply hurt our site, such as a large number of pop ads, many game flash animation ads, many diseases or slimming advertising dizzying as a user, to understand the site itself is the core content and valuable information, but the advertisement is made possible users will only be at a loss what to do, finally choose to leave, so the website advertising must be set up to establish reasonable profit in the user on the basis of damage is not very desirable.

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