mprove on optimization techniques quickly obtain precise traffic matching degree


identified these words have search volume, then put these words into the title of the article, we want to write how to optimize the title as "from two aspects about how to optimize", "Shanghai dragon expert case: the success of the Shanghai dragon how to optimize" so that when users search how to optimize the Shanghai dragon key words, their articles if included, nature can get good rankings, do not believe it, you can try, is the premise of the article must be collected.



can make the maximum flow capacity optimization of choice is the title of the article and the user’s search term matches. But for completely, easier said than done, after all, each user search words are not the same. So how to analysis the matching words with what users search words? First we can according to the relevant search keywords, with these words to match to the title of the article, we like to write an article on the Shanghai dragon optimization article, so take a look at what is the relevant search keywords such as:



in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how to improve the user’s search engine keywords and matching is a key factor to influence the absolute size of the site traffic. Just like I do how to operate the Shanghai dragon optimization keywords, and search Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, two key words, this is not high, naturally when users search your site will certainly be lower than some matching degree higher rankings. Especially for the optimization of long tail keywords to improve site traffic, increase the matching degree of keywords and user search terms is very important. The matching degree is mainly divided into three types: complete matching, matching and fuzzy matching. We want to improve the matching of keywords and search terms of their users, we first need to understand the users usually use search habits, with the selected keywords idea of user search habits are the same. Today I mainly talk about the importance of increasing the matching degree of site traffic.

, a fully matched

figure, search keywords, the 80% must be highly defined the page title, and are not separated, and this matching method is the current mainstream, unless you are a keyword search of two or three words, if you are searching for long tail keywords, such as the search is Taobao Shanghai Phoenix video tutorial, we can see that in addition to Shanghai love video, the other did not completely match the search engine.

to operate, compared with complete is very difficult, and the search engine is also in order to better serve users and think since it is impossible to match exactly, then the height of matching, the effect is good. What is the height, as shown in figure

, height

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