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compared to the CPC model, CPM seems to be more reasonable, advertising as long as hanging out, some people see, you should pay advertising costs. However, the price is still very cheap, and even some League requirements, many small sites simply can not meet the requirements.

webmaster Wangzhuan or earn money through advertising, some are rich overnight, but not all the webmaster can do, so for those who want to do Wangzhuan novice some advice here, I hope everyone less deceived:

CPS, according to consumption into this model is currently the most widely used, but also the mainstream of the electricity supplier alliance, the user clicks through the past to form a transaction, the owner can extract commissions. But also, although this model does not require traffic on the site, it is not easy to access the user’s buying impulse through advertising and ultimately to form a transaction.

4, where you need to pay the company, the novice must not choose. Choose companies that don’t cost anything. Those first paid 50 yuan, you earned me, I earned him. Never do it. Absolutely hopeless.

domestic CPC model is very cheap, to NetEase Adsense alliance, for example, an effective click price is 0.1 yuan. According to this calculation, if the site has 100 independent IP visits per day, click advertising rate of 100%, you can only earn 10 yuan a day.

through the above several mainstream promotion model understanding, as well as comprehensive webmaster for domestic alliance cognition. The author thinks, among them, the highest benefit, the lowest difficulty is the host Review Network Alliance system.

5, in addition, do Wangzhuan to have a clear mind, peace of mind, vision is not too high, but far. Any success will have to go through a longer period of reserves. The reason why success is always with a small number of people is that only a small number of people can hold out to the end and see far away. If you want to be big, you must focus on developing

2, since it is a novice, it is best to start from small, select the minimum payment of smaller sites, or simply choose the minimum payment of the site, can collect is the hard truth.

CPM, pay by exposure;

look at the guest, the guest test found that adding guest alliance needs the site for the record, the basic threshold is believed to have shut out many small owners.

first look at the mainstream of several promotion model.

in the online search Wangzhuan, can search to a lot of relevant Wangzhuan website or forum, write a day to earn one hundred, two hundred more in seven hundred or eight hundred, often it will attract those who built the website for a long time but do not earn money or new Adsense, I also believe that, I began to see myself dream can one day earn hundred to those Wangzhuan advertising and those successful experiences, so I built two websites, China mechanical network and 668 trade network, then according to their prompt step by step, slowly I found that kind of good effect and as they say, there are many Swindlers Company. Some do not pay the money, so they do a few domestic league feel not good, I remind the webmaster here: Wangzhuan to choose a regular company, the choice of advertising to choose a good reputation.

takes NetEase webmaster League as an example, pays 5 yuan /1000IP for the exposure, and the same user only calculates the first visit. Thus, the website needs a great deal of new visitors. This is almost impossible for small domestic webmaster.

domestic mainstream webmaster alliance, NetEase, each big Adsense alliance, Amoy electricity supplier’s promotion system, as well as the newly born host comment stationmaster alliance. As the most effective way to promote the alliance system, to help the website to enhance the advertising effect, also can let more webmaster friends private wealth website.

selects a suitable alliance platform,

CPS, divided by consumption;

1, don’t register foreign high paying companies. Such as: cashspace 1 hours, 1 dollars, 400 yuan payment, etc.. There are only three possibilities for companies like this: a:, Swindlers Company, b:, Inc., sooner or later, c: fails to pay for non – native users unless you are a master and use the site to exchange traffic. Regular domestic and foreign pay standards almost, about every click is not more than 0.01$, each mail is not more than 0.05$, so the price is basically able to pay.

CPA is divided into actions, such as what actions are required of the user, and so on. Relative to CPS, it may require more in user behavior.

why do you say that? In fact, no matter what kind of referral system, the source of its benefits are users, whether it is click or consumption, which, the user is not any benefit

Of course, there are some

CPC, pay per click;

CPA, divided by behavior;

look at these mainstream promotion model.

as a webmaster want to earn money on their own website, so everyone Wangzhuan is full of hope, but we also very helpless, only do we can understand is not that they say can overnight.

Do Wangzhuan

3, the most important thing is to choose a good site! To choose in the Ministry of information industry of the ICP record, a record number, is a legitimate real, once a fancy website, please remember to search this site has no complaints, no money, avoid doing cheated.

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