Shanghai dragon must have their own judgment and thinking


said the truth was with me, technology is really good, in addition to the technical aspects, he gave us some opinions also has great influence on us! Meet things yourself, think, put your site as the center of the web, how to weave the net is always thinking

a lot of people say that content is king, the chain for the emperor, as everyone knows, and feel so simple a few words. But when you do it over a period of time after your meditation to "observe" this sentence, you find that this sentence is very complicated, if you can extend out more about the content and the chain insights, so I believe that you will be on the word view greatly changes the content! Do not say, here on the chain of the weight of

say, the form of the chain. The anchor text of the chain is the best, it is needless to say. There is a hyperlink to a web site, you can click to enter the URL into your site and click on the deal! I want to say is, can click on the hyperlink URL than can click on the effect is good, but not saying that we can not click on the URL link is useless. Some owners directly say those are useless, B2B>

!! ! !We all know that

has done so for a long time, although not too old, but is also from the new large forces come to the forefront. Of course, technology is endless, everyone has been learning, no one dare to say that I am in the exploration of this method would have been how to learn! Shanghai Longfeng, the most important, don’t think that a few simple noun explanation, you do a look at the basic knowledge of time after all will have a different understanding and discovery, make the firm foundation of knowledge mastered this is the experience and skills of

has a critical influence ranking of the high quality of the chain of the website keywords. The weight of the website this is not to say. In addition to the chain weight to define quality: your theme, column, page, the surrounding text, the chain of correlation degree is above a level than the level of reduction, your theme is the highest! If the site weight, theme, page content is related, so it must be above suspicion doubt is a high quality of the chain.

I clearly remember, just beginning to learn Shanghai dragon, with whom I said: I actually take people with others, unlike others, require the following people completely do according to their own way and method, I do not want to copy a complete and I don’t love myself! You ask some of you can find your answers, you meet is indeed a problem, immediately came to me to solve. This problem is solved, but if this has been your Shanghai dragon road will be stuck in one place can not solve! There is to say is the accumulation of experience, do Shanghai dragon to make an analogy, like a spider web, and the center is your website. Perhaps you have seen a spider web, clever spiders for safety and kind, whether it is hidden in the cable, can reach the point in the center of the

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