Shanghai dragon at the end of this year paste why my site didn’t rank

love Shanghai Spider3.0 upgrade

The first time

is a very interesting thing, He Guijiang could not help but want to send out sound, why your website crash? Many websites are using the "automatic push" self inflicted? As for the meaning, you ignore it.

ice bucket algorithm upgrade cycle

love Shanghai version 3 will crack down in Shanghai mobile search, the search path to interrupt the user complete transfer from behavior. Ice bucket algorithm 3 on July 15th officially launched the site, want timely rectification, the site to avoid the damage evaluation.


please as soon as possible to too much advertising pages for rectification, optimize the page layout, control each screen advertising ratio, in order to protect the users’ browsing experience, to avoid being hit website traffic influence strategy.

?The original


2016 has imperceptibly, close to the end, in retrospect it is more. Last year, your site may now summon wind and call for rain, it can not be denied, such examples meet the eye everywhere. So, this year your website ranking is why deprived

has no BaiduSpider3.0 data after the stage began to tumble cliff? Yes, this is Spider3.0. According to the official news: love Shanghai spider after entering 3, began to evaluate the quality of screening from the information capture this link, filter out a lot of excessive optimization page, see assessment from the regular internal data, low quality of "62% lower than before. What this number represents? If your site every day before the 10 will be to grab it, then shrink by half.

love Shanghai Spider3.0, PC finally entered a relatively stable period of transition, of course, this also means that the algorithm is stable and tends to be stable, right down to the site still meet the eye everywhere. But came the strong upgrade of mobile 3.0-4.5 ice bucket algorithm.

protection, Spark Program

facing the monotony of information, which article is the first? 2 spark program appears to make small and medium-sized websites to see hope, for there is a reprint of the original "Shanghai love, search will identify the original web pages from the same content, so that the search results are not corresponding to this website beyond.


before? Your website information has not been included, will be reproduced in other website, and do the original wedding dress for others, at the end of his being a "gathering station". The owners said, I wrote the original site, but no effect ah, then your website is standard to make Spider to identify it? If not, please open the original plan: "love starfish fire specification v2.0" correlation processing.

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