Fat inventory of 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update the reason

site is not continuous updates. Why continue to update, I do a little experiment, if you have to update frequency of the site, love Shanghai snapshot will also form such rules of frequency ratio, follow updates.

I have a habit, perhaps many webmaster have this habit, love is directly in the Shanghai box to enter your own domain name, or site, to observe their website snapshot update yesterday whether love Shanghai, love Shanghai has always been the webmaster snapshot debate, some people think that affect the keywords ranking, some people hold the opposite opinion here, fat experience tell you, love Shanghai snapshot with the ranking is different, the latest snapshot is a website update frequency, and the frequency of the spider. Love for you will accumulate Shanghai recognition so as to improve the weight, here summarized 10 reasons to love Shanghai snapshot not update:

4, the site of a wide range of adjustment. This is the search engine is the most angry, because you change the frame of website, search engine to your page re rating, to modify the database, it will greatly influence your website snapshot update.

3, the web site of the title of frequent adjustment (including columns and title pages). Many owners of this deep, I also have a deep experience, sometimes feel inappropriate, no matter what others may say to say again, this to your site is very bad, I have a content page title included the last love Shanghai, now love Shanghai snapshots did not help me update, and this an article and several chains, but the love of Shanghai is not updated snapshot. I warn you, even wrong as long as love Shanghai included, also want to modify it, let it slowly settling down.

1, website content is false original or collection. This is very important for the search engines, a big factor in ranking content accounted for, but also with the love of Shanghai also have a great relationship. If the content of your site are others, then you stand up, what is the significance. The search engine will only take you to the station when the garbage disposal station, not to mention the updated snapshot love Shanghai.


5, visit the website space when the spider. If the spider to visit your site, found that the visit, the equivalent of you cheat me again, if you love Shanghai so many times, not only for your website snapshot stop, serious love Shanghai site into the sandbox, so we must choose a stable space, not cheap map, a penny a cargo.

2, The internal structure of the

site outside the chain growth rate too fast. This mainly for new sites, the chain is very important, but remember, remember not to increase the chain too fast, or search engine will think you stand in cheating. So if you can the sustainability of growth, that is fine. This is like a website ranking up, in fact, yes, because the site outside the chain will also affect the growth of love Shanghai.

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