Read Lee on outreach judgment sense

"black chain" has also been a problem, as long as the black chain features 80% basic fix even if successful, then how to do it, the first after the link is not for weight calculation, as a cheat link, do not calculate CSS the existence of hidden style. Do not calculate the hidden and the background color.

Shanghai Identification of

"large scale low quality chain" to deal with large-scale fix first to link, make multiple pages of individual website links are merged or calculated only 1 or 2 or a little more. You can calculate the link under the main domain such as www.sina贵族宝贝.cn can only calculate slin贵族宝贝.cn links so you can put an end to the blog group or a large amount of two domain refuse to bring unfair voting link. Even if the 1 links you 10 thousand Sina blog so the calculation of slin贵族宝贝.cn domain name, so you can make.

there are several points is "buy links" and "black chain" and "mass" low quality "the chain sprocket". How to identify the purchase link? 1. grab features or feature style, HTML tag, tag specific can go to a lot of Taobao selling links at the same time in place to find features, keywords, such as gold chain coexist, what gold chain, get these links directly to give 0 recommendations.

2, the chain

here is a point: "really recommend" what is really recommended? Similar in the convenience of page links some weather the train timetable this page, but this is not a good judge, only the criterion is the key word feature to determine whether the page, there is a tendency to exchange links. For example, to judge some of the commonly used word link exchange etc.. Do not make a detailed description of the specific characteristics, it should be a lot of words.


love Shanghai only a judgment principle chain is the chain of the problem: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

Love the original link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160 problem

some time ago in Shanghai Webmaster Platform read about Lee published articles outside judgment. Now just a few minutes of time remaining on the way to publish impressions or guess.

, a judge – the true principles of the chain is the chain of the recommended

to deceive the search engine, intentional interference with search engine ranking for the purpose by the website, or intentionally benefit leading machine production chain. Including but not limited to: anchor text cheating, buy high weight chain, black chain, mass increase in the low quality of the chain sprocket, etc.. For such a chain, we identify based on filtered, to link to the site will be processed at the same time, have a direct negative effect.

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