The Shanghai dragon let science Shanghai dragon Er work becomes more easy

China has been advocating "flat science Shanghai dragon", so, what is the science of Shanghai dragon? We Shanghai dragon Er practitioners how to do can be regarded as scientific Shanghai dragon? By watching in blogs and video two. I found the science of Shanghai dragon is what I was always looking for the state of Shanghai dragon, I received the knowledge from the Shanghai dragon, most Shanghai dragon Er do Shanghai dragon is not controllable, that is to say, the search engine K search engine you delete your snapshot, the chain or chain decreased a lot Shanghai Dragon ER may not know what the reason is. Perhaps many of my friends think is Shanghai Longfeng not? Don’t you go to the search engine algorithm? To in-depth study of the principle of search engine? In this regard, China raises a few cases, it is a competition case! Through the analysis, a B2B website is GBK encoding, a Chinese do foreign trade English the website is GBK encoding, in short, I was shocked, since the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is now feeling that a matter, thank the teacher gave me in to open the door, do science Shanghai Longfeng, science Shanghai Longfeng meaning and the fact that many popular Shanghai dragon. Is to let the data speak, controllable results, details to the extreme, this is the science of Shanghai dragon.

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because this time joined the third stage 28 push public training, plus the job, so the time is tight, too late to see some of the procedures for learning the information, so I want to see some friends onlookers view, the famous blog, the blog in a word "SEM" is of course not let go, see a lot for me very worthwhile ideas.

two: how to do science Shanghai dragon

: what is the scientific do Shanghai dragon


expert, I have not.

listen to the teacher in two classes, it is with deep feeling. Never thought can also do Shanghai Longfeng, since I (Hu Xiaoyi) do not think Shanghai dragon is writing the hair of the chain to adjust the structure of the station optimization? This point estimates a lot of peer friends (Shanghai dragon ER) was like that. The site is what can not update the row in front of the why is it so powerful website… This issue has also been asked many times, some time ago when Guo Yin Yang and Ye Jun have dinner with a few friends had talked about this issue, Guo Xian’s brother was very upset now do not know how to improve their work, so, it has the feeling of Shanghai dragon to a bottleneck. I always think so, analysis is not just a few things, really hard to see a few days search outside Shanghai and other people can learn the Longfeng portal of Shanghai Longfeng, Austria, yes, you have to look at W3C. Because the site must conform to the standard of W3C ~~


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