Mature Shanghai dragon road Shanghai dragon ER how to open ideas

therefore, we should change the angle of thinking. Non chain do not, then we can be a natural chain, also is to let the chain construction look natural, a little trace of optimization. Such as through the chain placement, such as the chain website of the author is in the article, for the search engines, so the chain is not supposed to have more real than recommended appears at the bottom of the article in addition to the chain? In the near and recommended language a good way.

two, the authenticity of the recommended

three, the website content sharing out

last year, all Shanghai dragon knows to impact the website ranking, as long as you can send the chain site all are Shanghai dragon ER occupation, regardless of content, regardless of quality, regardless of the correlation is not related to throw a lot of the chain, ranking is also shock up. And this year, Smith, the chain criteria have been introduced, foreign chain carry out everywhere for. Until now, many have questioned the Shanghai dragon ER the road outside the chain can move on. Sheng Yuan network (www.sysem贵族宝贝.cn Suzhou Shanghai dragon, Suzhou network optimization expert) think it is conducive to the development of Shanghai dragon. The so-called "discard the dross and select the essence", Shanghai Longfeng standardization, is the real network optimization.

network optimization workers blitz, almost every brush will do is to share, but later, more people found that the effect can not achieve the desired effect, decided to give up the dependence on it. Maybe today really want to take out. For real recommendation, sharing tools is a chain artifact, and in accordance with the share number, can well reflect the popularity of a website, if you love Shanghai add this part of algorithm, believe it is no ground for blame.

Shanghai dragon is more mature, the construction of the chain we can’t copy the original mode, this will make the website to perish. Now we need to explore new ideas, so this way should be how to open

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform LEE in April 25th after the publication of the "Lee" on the chain chain LEE judgment, judgment standard for the quality of the chain is only one explanation, the chain must be user really recommended. What is the meaning of it is really recommend, non-human natural chain. Did Shanghai dragon knows, the chain construction difficulty of non-human is high, a new station on the 00 day, the flow of several pieces, then to obtain the chain of non-human, is undoubtedly the Arabian adventures.


, a Shanghai love sharing tool

It was the

can put some of their articles in the website directly copied out, released on other platforms, and bring the original link. The benefits of doing so can simulate a normal visitors after browsing the website, found the good, so put content >

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