Keywords love Shanghai index tools by the user attention

on the search volume, love Shanghai bidding keyword tool, provides a more reliable data. We as a reference to these data, search relationship and attention see. We use the word "wall" as an example, in the index query its concern for 440, this value and the industry is also quite difficult. In the keyword tool, we will choose for all geographical regions, to ignore the impact on the region, the query to the "daily search volume curtain" was 460.

love Shanghai index (hereinafter referred to as index) development of the mind may only be located in public entertainment products. But the Shanghai dragon gives its special meaning, so that it became the Shanghai dragon Er keywords indispensable tools. And we are most concerned about the index of reason is undoubtedly "hot trend chart, it directly reflects a keyword user heat (user attention, hereinafter referred to as the degree of concern) and the media (media attention). Then the degree of concern is whether the user search reflects the amount of attention as a reference? To develop


has the following text definition of attention "user attention to tens of millions of Internet users in the search volume love Shanghai as the basic data, based on keywords statistics object, scientific analysis and calculate each keyword in Shanghai love web search search and frequency weighting, and the curve chart". About the definition of the weighted sum, you can view the relevant information. It can be seen that attention does have a direct relationship with the search volume, but the search volume is not the only factor, and whether the search volume is the attention of the most important factors depends on its weight.

, the author chooses ten daily search volume is keywords, and found similar "curtain wall", the degree of concern and search volume is a. That is not to reflect the degree of concern as the search volume is feasible? Here, I chose the word high degree of concern "Shanghai dragon". The same method to test again, the attention of January and the approximate mean value of 5555, the average daily search volume is 14700, far.


for the daily search volume is defined as "a recent weeks the average daily number of searches or range of people". The index of the shortest duration for a month, but the month curtain wall with small fluctuation, so in a month time width, select "show the mean line", the value of approximately 440.

keyword strategy is reasonable?


visible attention and not much difference between the average daily search volume, at least in the word to attention as the reference search volume is feasible.

I also chose 5 high degree of concern, the results also be quite different.


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