How to correctly understand the quality and enhance the quality of web pages

to improve the quality of web pages is actually very simple way, that is combing the web content, as far as possible to eliminate advertising, in "the reasonable internal structure Sitelinks, so as to provide more diversified services for users. But as much as possible to reduce the number of user login, user browser plug-in installation number reduced, allowing users to browse the web smoothly. Finally also is to optimize the quality of the content page, as far as possible to achieve the original, but there is a quality of the original, if it is not able to have the original, in fact a certain number of high quality reprint articles, as long as it is related to your site, and can help to the user, the content is also good, and in accordance with the requirements of the white paper.

from the above analysis, in fact enhance web page quality method is not very difficult, but many webmaster might ask, but if you do not put ads, no plug-ins, no collection, which have so much energy is to write an article, how to make money? "

so how to correct understanding of "quality

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circles, many optimization staff do not consciously deviate from the direction of optimization, the optimization work does not lead to duplication of efforts, can play a very good effect, the key factor is because they can not understand the optimization principle seriously love for Shanghai, such as "quality optimization principle. Love Shanghai in the form of the" white paper "clearly defined, but many owners or is in violation of the principle of love Shanghai, either intentional, but no matter from what point of view, in violation of the principle of web page quality, the result can only be in love and the closing of Shanghai K station.

?Put forward three requirements

web page quality measures

from the three points to love Shanghai, basically tells us what can be counted as "high quality", love can be recognized by Shanghai, that is "very clean and tidy, and has some originality, and can help users, do not let the user feel trouble. To achieve these points for the optimization of personnel is not a difficult thing, but why many optimization personnel do not? I think a very important reason is that the maximum profit squeeze ", for example, through a lot of advertising for advertising costs, through the arrangement of plug-ins can also achieve profit for the website, but this is often the result of that web traffic continued to decline, resulting in the failure of website operation.


love Shanghai white paper: the first is "as much as possible to avoid a large number of advertisements and illegal content, and pop and some sensitive words etc.. Second, do not set too many reading obstacles on the page, for example, require users to register, login or need to install various plug-ins to be able to login, in other words on the page do not embed too much code, this is not conducive to the user experience of reading. Third, is "to have a certain degree of originality, and as much as possible to help users solve some practical problems.

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