How to use blog promotion website weight


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blog content is as high quality original content, this is not only conducive to included, but also conducive to reading, and this article will get search engine ranking. To improve reading and attention, blog traffic. So you can quickly upgrade the level of the blog.

blogThe registered blog

four, a blog of

then upload blog avatar, simple blog URL settings (personalized domain name), and as much as possible to improve the blog data and tends to be true. Because our blog is long-term development, it is essential to do this.

after all steps in doing the above, we should consider the content of the blog. The first blog site has correlation with the best quality, the second is the content. The quality of the content directly determines the index rate of search engine. Here, many of my friends are just looking for the content of this blog are reproduced, weight is very unfavorable. If you just included or the number of the chain so there is no need to toss blog.

is the best high quality blog content can not only enhance the blog attention and grade, there is an important point is a high quality content can be recommended to the editor, may obtain the blog page or column page recommendation, so you can quickly improve the weights of the blog, and can make the search engine crawl quickly to your blog and included content.

blog content construction

to blog as a web site to carry out maintenance, especially the new blog is difficult to search engines, and even included the weight is not too high. So we must first kind of blog is not added in the blog link to update every day, so the search engine update will form a general frequency, this process needs 1-2 months.

in our website to acquire the high quality of the chain, the blog platform is a very good way. But when the blog operation should be how to enhance the website weight by the blog? Here are some need to pay attention to ways and means.

many people blog registration does not care, that only registered registered account on the line. In fact, when the registered blog there are many details we need to pay attention to. When the first registered blog blog should be a fascinating or memorable blog. And should choose a better blog template in the registration is completed, and choose which components are needed or column plate.

blog is very important to choose the weights, different blogs are different, and different blog collection speed is not the same as. First, we should give priority to is similar to the content on the website blog, such as: financial websites can do financial blog. If the content and form of the related website blog website is more favorable.


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