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December 11th, the United States and China at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge international exchange of the highest specification – titanium media T-EDGE summit held in Beijing, and awarded the Internet industry’s high-profile BT Awards innovation awards. Among them, this highly explosive industry cutting-edge network science and technology center, beat Baidu takeaway, B station, such as a public carpool tick strong opponent, the most heavyweight gains in one fell swoop of the year’s most valuable business potential investment awards.


award is awarded to those who can both innovation and growth of start-ups. The Chinese and American mainstream media, including IT ten and TOP50 investment institutions in the tech industry opinion leaders in the media the jury said that at the end of April this year so far, network technology with great heart innovation success among the CDN market, the traditional CDN market has brought a new transformation of power, and show the rapid growth of strength.


note: Net heart technology CEO, thunder joint CEO Chen Lei

CDN mode of the new node to promote CDN industry quietly changing


Chinese, traditional industries in transition to shout Internet plus little attention to, but, even if the Internet industry itself, also need a new transformation of the new trend in the new period. As the Internet segment in the Internet is not the one, the technology behind, out of service, the price of expensive black chaos CDN market needs to be completely changed. To find the traditional industry in the most BT Awards the subversive spirit new forces will point out that network science and technology innovation unlimited heart exclusive new mode of CDN node in CDN space, is to subvert the rules of the old business model of CDN industry, and by connecting the huge scale users, reducing the threshold for the use of enterprise users, reduce the cost of innovation all CDN users.

at the end of June this year, when the traditional CDN service is still in the "time-consuming" through an IDC to expand the number of nodes CDN limited, network technology has released a heart, the original model of CDN node infinite hitherto unknown. Through the deployment of intelligent terminal thunder in the family to make money in the thousands on thousands of treasure, CDN space will become the person beyond count of broadband users unlimited CDN node, and through the exclusive star domain scheduling, dynamic defense, weak network acceleration and four core technology innovation, the new CDN service for enterprise users, efficient, economical and stable output and safe.

Infinite node mode

CDN space innovation, several hundreds of thousands of millions of individuals in the family would have wasted bandwidth resources to be effectively collected, the total capacity of the huge bandwidth to low economic cost to provide CDN services to enterprise customers. Listed for months, CDN space to less than transparent price and 100% satisfaction service model of traditional CDN 1/3, with more high quality and inexpensive CDN service for all Internet plus period of business users, also stimulate the CDN industry quietly filled with fierce wave of change.


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