The change didn’t understand Wangzhuan Wangzhuan mode decide on what path to follow behind

file to understand, the higher known wurenbuxiao. Understand the original name Dong Junfeng, Shandong, graduated from Qufu Normal University, is a typical online money. Dong Junfeng to understand the network set off on the Internet "reign of terror" has changed the direction of China network to make money, still have great influence on later. His public publications, "earned 500 yuan," the book is caused a lot of controversy. Now the higher rookie Jiang Hui’s words, understand its 100 team "had a monopoly on higher, a few big Wangzhuan era, crazy times experienced higher every day make a million! Each project Hing wind in the higher up the skies".

understand the era


to tell you the truth, the higher people understand that if you do not know how the scenery, like playing football do not know how dirty Chinese football. Understand the era is from 2006 to 2008. Over the past few years, all to keep up with the pace of understanding, basically become a master, to achieve the so-called day to earn 100 or a day to earn a dream of 1000. Later understand the public publications, earned 500 yuan – the secret to open the network to make money is to attract a lot of people do not care about the Internet venture into the internet.

understand the era is such a chaotic era. Now is 2010, understand gradually fade out of the line of sight, in retrospect, understand the characteristics of the times is this:

first, mass flow + terminal temptation

understand the beginning of the era is the beginning of the crazy collection of traffic. Understand the means is to find a high flow of the platform, and then do everything possible to attract traffic from inside. For example, the original operation of the QQ chat room, understand and team members to register a bunch of female QQ number, all landed in the QQ chat room, and then set the automatic reply to a specified URL, waiting for a man to talk. In this way, understand every day tens of thousands of IP et al can fix flow, then put up all kinds of advertising money. Even now, know how to rely on large traffic platform to steal traffic is still effective.

in accordance with the idea of understanding, to get the public traffic, the need for the so-called terminal temptation, is the temptation to register, the temptation to download, click on the temptation. For example, he used this mass flow plus terminal temptation, successfully download Firefox ten times recommend excellent than others, the network domain name calling to do die, the Taobao registered promotion to achieve 80 yuan per one thousand IP…… The essence of the terminal temptation is opportunistic, often in drilling policy loopholes advertisers.

second, directional flow + bidding project

understand the times to start mass flow, and ultimately to the end of directional traffic. In the era of mass flow, know how to rely on a variety of means to absorb public traffic and then try to translate into advertising revenue. But the source of traffic and advertising revenue is basically by opportunistic, loopholes in the system, therefore, each project life is not long.

understand later began to do bidding, using AdW>

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